Abe at Asian-African Summit but betrays Bandung Spirit

2015-04-24 17:22

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, after a brief tour to Jakarta, hastily returned to Tokyo on Thursday, possibly in preparation for his Washington visit two days later.

Xi's three-point proposal to bring prosperity to Asian, African nations: Pakistani expert

2015-04-24 11:51

Chinese President Xi Jinping's three-point proposal on carrying forward Bandung Spirit at the just concluded Asian-African summit held in Indonesia has potential to bring prosperity to the countries of the two continents by bridging gap between them.

History must not get in the way of relations

2015-04-24 07:31

It is often said that taxi drivers are cultural ambassadors who hold a mirror up to a nation's psyche, warts and all. And that seemed to be the case with the driver of our Bluebird taxi, stuck in Jakarta's extremely congested and cacophonous traffic on a sizzling hot afternoon.

Chinese ambassador calls for reinvigorating Bandung Spirit

2015-04-23 17:32

Xie Feng, Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia, has urged for reinvigorating the Bandung Spirit and advancing the Sino-Indonesian comprehensive strategic partnership.

Bandung Spirit is still needed today

2015-04-23 07:52

The Belt and Road are international trade and infrastructure projects which will thread Asia, Europe and Africa together.

Abe's tepid offering of remorse bad omen for WWII anniversary statement

2015-04-23 09:54

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday expressed his "deep remorse" for some of Japan's atrocities during Word War II, but he eschewed referencing key phrases from previous war statements.

Islamabad a pivot for China' s involvement in Islamic world

2015-04-22 14:07

President Xi's visit to Pakistan will make concrete the economic and trade cooperation initiatives proposed in the "One Belt and One Road" plan by China.

60 years on, Bandung Spirit remains relevant

2015-04-22 10:53

Sixty years ago, the city of Bandung witnessed a historic gathering of representatives from newly independent countries in Asia and Africa; today, it is revisiting the very principles agreed upon at the epoch-marking conference.

Q & A on Asian-African cooperation

2015-04-22 07:40

What do you expect the Asian-African Conference to achieve?

Indonesia to share fruits of Silk Road

2015-04-22 07:40

China welcomes Indonesia to "share the fruits" of the Maritime Silk Road, the Chinese ambassador to Indonesia said as President Xi Jinping arrived on Tuesday for his second visit to the archipelago within one and a half years.

China-Pakistan friendship a blessing to Asian prosperity

2015-04-21 20:51

The friendship between China and Pakistan has been praised as "higher than mountains, deeper than oceans, stronger than steel and sweeter than honey".

Bandung Conference boosts Afro-Asian countries' struggle for independence: Vietnam's vice FM

2015-04-21 14:28

The 1955 Asian-African Conference was a driving force of the struggle of more Asian and African countries for independence, said Vietnamese deputy minister of foreign affairs Ha Kim Ngoc.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Pakistan and attend the Asian-African Summit and activities commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Bandung Conference in Indonesia from April 20 to 24.

April 22
Attend the opening ceremony of the Asian-African Summit;
Meeting with Indonesian President Joko Widodo;

April 23
Bilateral meetings;
Attend the closing ceremony of the Asian-African Summit;

April 24
Historical walk from Savoy Homann Hotel to Gedung Merdeka;
Attend activities commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Bandung Conference;