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Should eating dogs be banned in China?

( Updated: 2015-06-19 08:01


Yes, there should be a ban on dog meat. There are so many other animals that can be eaten, let little puppies be pets and not food. I do not understand how can anyone look a little puppy in the eyes and kill it. That for me is equal to killing a newborn baby. So cruel and vile! Cats and dogs are pets! Dogs have saved many people's lives. Why would you kill a man's best friend? I would never come to terms with such brutality! Why can't Chinese people eat pork, chicken and beef like the rest of the world?

Should eating dogs be banned in China?

Volunteers from the Lanzhou Stray Animals Rescue Station check on a dog they rescued from stalls at a meat market in the Gansu provincial capital. [Photo/CFP]

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