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Absurd blame for China's anti-terror bid

By Wang Hui (China Daily) Updated: 2015-03-05 08:19

Absurd blame for China's anti-terror bid

How terrorists groups such as al-Qaida in the Middle East and the IS have seized political and social turmoil in the Middle East as an opportunity to expand their own influence and seize territories in recent years is a telling story that the West's self-serving interventionist policy in the region has backfired.

For a century, peace and stability have remained a luxury in the Middle East. Every major conflict in the region bears the hallmark of Western interventionism, and the oil-rich region has become an abattoir for Western powers to pursue their own economic and security interests.

Over the years, the US-led West has plotted or supported a regime change in countries such as Iraq, Libya and Syria in the name of counterterrorism or promotion of democracy. The chaotic situation in the region today is clear evidence to show these manoeuvres are nothing but counterproductive.

Countries such as Libya, Iraq and Syria are mired in civil wars and a tug of war with the IS group. Al-Qaida elements and new extremist groups have taken advantage of regional unrest to reorganize in the region and pose a real threat both to the region and the world at large.

The West's pursuit of self-interests and adoption of double standards have in one way or another contributed to breeding the rise of the IS today.

Given that violent extremism and terrorism are scourges that one country cannot tackle alone, a unified standard should be established and form the basis of effective global cooperation.

In this end, an objective review of the past counter terrorism policies and a diagnosis of the root cause of terrorism, rather than finger pointing, are more helpful for the world to address these threats more effectively in the future.

The author is a senior writer with China Daily

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