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Cleavage scenes, yes or no?

( Updated: 2015-01-11 09:05

Editor's note: The recently released drama, The Empress of China, also known as The Saga of Wu Zetian, has caused quite an uproar after scenes showing the actresses' cleavage were replaced by close-up shots of their heads. Should cleavage scenes be cut from TV dramas? Forum readers share their opinions and you're welcome to leave yours.

futsanglung (UK)

Nothing wrong with cleavage per se but I wish they would get more accurate when they depict historical costumes.

Cleavage scenes, yes or no?

This is the photo of Fan Bingbing dressed-up as the character Empress Wu Zetian for the eponymous TV series The Empress of China has been released. [Photo/Guangming Online]

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