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Should TV dramas be historically accurate?

( Updated: 2015-01-07 08:15

Editor's Note: These days lots of popular TV dramas are being criticized for seriously distorting history but some argue that watching these dramas is kind of relaxing and it's a form of art and literature that is mainly composed of fiction, supplemented by historical facts. Our forum readers share their opinions on this issue and you are also welcome to share yours.

BlondeAmber (China)

TV is mostly entertainment. Even if historical drama is based on history, there are fictional parts in them. Besides, no-one can accurately say exactly what was said or done at a point in history, particularly any incident that happened prior to modern recording methods.

Should TV dramas be historically accurate?

Leading actors of time-travel TV drama Palace: The Locked Heart Jade in a group photo. Most of these time-travel dramas are based on real historical stories but with many newly added, and usually exaggerated elements to make it funny and more interesting.

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