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China-Thailand railway key

By Li Yang ( Updated: 2014-11-21 17:28

Political unrest in Thailand has not influenced China and Thailand’s cooperation in railway construction. The line to be constructed in Thailand can promote the regional inter-connectivity in the whole of Southeast Asia, and provide the inland area of China with easy access to the Indian Ocean, says an article in the Beijing News. Excerpts:

The Thai cabinet passed the cooperation resolution on Nov 18. China will invest and construct the 867-kilometer long railway connecting three major cities in Thailand.

The railway is an important part of the high-speed network China proposed building through cooperating with relevant countries.

The project is in Thailand’s interests and will improve the transportation capacity for raw materials produced in the north of the country.

Mutual trust is the foundation for China and Thailand’s cooperation. The railway cooperation between the two sets a good example for other countries in the region that intend to participate in the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road project proposed by China to boost regional connectivity and facilitate trade.

A developed railway network in Southeast Asia can help China gain an outlet to the Indian Ocean.

Uncertainties remain before the project’s implementation but the two countries should strengthen communications and continuously deepen mutual trust.

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