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Balance education resources

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-11-13 07:59

The increase in housing prices in school districts, or areas where "elite" schools are located, amid overall downturn in the property market is the result of unbalanced distribution of educational resources, says an article on Excerpts:

Recent National Bureau of Statistics data indicate that, while housing prices across the country are falling, property prices in the school districts of some regions are still rising. A 4.4 square meter space in a Beijing school district was sold for a whopping 1.35 million yuan ($220,300). The space, in fact, a small room, is nothing but a "passport" for the buyer's child to get admitted to a so-called elite school in the area.

Many parents believe that getting their children enrolled in a good school is a ticket to a bright future not only in education, but also other spheres of life.

Since the problem has arisen because of the unbalanced distribution of educational resources, local governments should take measures to correct the imbalance. Given the narrow outlook on political performance, some local governments have used available educational resources to forge a number of so-called elite schools and left others poorly equipped in hardware or software or both.

It has been proved beyond doubt that poor education perpetuates poverty. If local governments keep using a major part of the educational resources on a small group of schools, how can we build a harmonious society? Every child is entitled to quality education. And this should no longer be confined to paper.

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