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Can an arranged marriage ever work?

( Updated: 2014-11-06 08:20

Sara (US)

An arranged marriage gives you the option of saying no to that person, so in that respect you do have a choice. Please do not mistake arranged marriages for forced marriages, they are a very different thing and illegal anywhere in the world.

Although I know plenty of people who have had arranged marriages only one person I know had a forced marriage and she took matters into her own hands, informed the appropriate authorities and the marriage was annulled.

Can an arranged marriage ever work?

Jul 07, 2003; Mahotarri, N L; 13-year-old Sunita Saha (R) is wed to Ram Sebak (27). The Bride and Groom have no choice in the decision. If the cast matches & there is money in the family the deal is set up. In this particular marriage the girl's family has to pay for the grooms education & amount of his family property. Sunita's family have to pay Ram's family 50 Thousand N li Rupees ($657) because the boy has a class 10 pass. [Photo/IC]

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