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Should students study abroad?

( Updated: 2014-11-04 08:16

Editor's note: Studying abroad is increasingly popular in China, with hundreds of thousands of Chinese students going overseas for their education each year. But the question is, will it actually help them stand out in the fierce job competition? And is it worth the money? What are the pros and cons? Forum readers share their opinion. You're welcome to add yours.

ColinSpeakman (UK)

There has been a lot of discussion about sea turtles - Chinese returning from US to China. In effect two-thirds of Chinese graduates with overseas degrees do not get starting salaries significantly above those of Chinese graduates from domestic universities. That is they do not get above 6,000 yuan and the group average of these two-thirds is around 5,000 yuan. That probably reflects excess supply. So is it worth financially?

Should students study abroad?

A job seeker (right) talks with a potential employer at a job fair in Beijing in September. The fair was aimed at Chinese students and professionals who had returned from overseas.(Source: Zhao Bing / for China Daily)

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