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Inspiration comes from life, but not drugs

By Li Yang ( Updated: 2014-08-20 16:05

Inspiration comes from life, but not drugs
Clockwise from top: Hong Kong actor Jaycee Chan, Taiwan actor Kai Ko, actor Gao Hu, actor Zhang Mo, director Zhang Yuan, singer Li Daimo and scriptwriter Ning Caishen.

The artists' inspiration comes from their thoughts and life experience, but not the temporary hallucinations caused by using drugs, says an article on the website Excerpts:

Actor Jaycee Chan, the actor son of kung fu movie superstar Jackie Chan, confessed he has used marijuana for eight years.

Beijing police detained at least six celebrities in the entertainment industry for using drugs in the city in the past two years.

The discussion should go back to the physical and psychological conditions of the stars, as human beings. If they always take their jobs and status as a pretense, people will become more and more forgiving to stars using drugs, and turn a blind eye to the fact that drugs harm their health, and that they are setting a bad example for their fans.

The hallucination created by using drugs is temporary, and not the true source of inspiration for artistic creation. Otherwise, the most productive artists would be the heaviest drug addicts.

People have used drugs in medicine since ancient times. The abuse of drugs, in various forms, can cause serious harm to people's bodies and minds. That's why most nations outlaw drug abuse, to protect their people.

Many stars' first puff of drugs comes from their circle of friends and under peer pressure, before they know the harm of drug abuse.

Once they get addicted, the circle and identity will become a convenient excuse for their using drugs.

Addiction to drugs is a disease that must be treated in time.

It is wrong that the media only reports the drug addicts' self-defense due to their celebrity.

Apart from creating fanfare out of their stardom, the media should focus more on the harm of drug abuses, and the bad social effects caused by the ill-performing stars.

As public figures, they should undertake more, but not less, responsibility than ordinary people.

“Do not use drugs” is only a basic requirement for ordinary citizens according to Chinese laws.

Jackie Chan, an anti-drug ambassador himself, should stand out and apologize for his son's wrongdoings in drug abuse.

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