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What is food safety like in your country?

( Updated: 2014-07-30 08:00

Editor's note: The recent scandal involving a meat supplier of US fast food chains McDonald's, KFC and others has brought renewed concerns about food safety in China. What's the food safety situation in your country, and what measures are taken to keep consumers healthy? Our forum readers around the world share their views. Your comments are also welcome.

JoseB (US)

Every company is in the business of making money, of course, they are not in the business of keeping everybody "healthy" or "safe" what is Husi, an Illinois, company branching out into China? They, as many other food processing companies, figured out that outside the US, food regulation is not that tight. So they've probably been shipping past due ingredients to overseas business partners. So, basically, is not just the cheap labor these companies are looking for overseas, they are also looking for places where to discard their "waste" and make a profit while doing so.

What is food safety like in your country?

An apology to customers is posted at a McDonalds fastfood restaurant after Chinese regulators shut the meat supplier, Shanghai Husi Food Co., of McDonalds, in Shanghai, China, 22 July 2014.

What is food safety like in your country? What is food safety like in your country?
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