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Gaokao is not unique to China

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Kim (South Korea)

As an educator in South Korea, I have seen parallels in the system here and with what I have read about China's system. Korea also has a national university examination similar to what I read about China's exam. In Korea it has become more than just a hindrance to a student's imagination, independence, and initiative – it has also become a potential mental health crisis. For a Korean scoring high enough to get accepted to one of the Korean SKY universities-- Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University - well, his or her future may look pretty bright. But that is assuming that they can handle the pressure of even tighter competition for the next four years without deciding to jump off a bridge.

Gaokao is not unique to China

Gaokao is not unique to China Gaokao is not unique to China Gaokao is not unique to China
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