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Gaokao is not unique to China

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Editor's note: China's national college entrance exam, also known as gaokao, is held annually on June 7. Due to the relatively low pass rate, the two-day-long exam has been described as 'thousands of troops on a single-log bridge'. The gaokao scores are the only criteria used to determine whether students can get into university - and which university they can attend. Although many question its fairness, China is not the only country using a national university admission test. Our forum readers talk about the different systems for college admission in their countries. You're welcome to leave your comments.


In Britain, we begin to specialize. Instead of doing lots of topics we choose four or five that are suitable for our needs.

For example, if you want to go to university and study Maths, subjects such as English, P.E., Ideology and Art are just 4 examples of subjects you can scrap straight away and save a lot of time. Why in the name of hell would a mathematician need to draw with a pencil??? In China, it seems that students' time could be spent specializing but instead is wasted studying many pointless subjects that they will forget five minutes after the gaokao exam is over.

Gaokao is not unique to China

Gaokao is not unique to China Gaokao is not unique to China Gaokao is not unique to China
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