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Qiyun Mountain, Home of Taoists
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Enchanted by waters of the Huangshan Furong Valley
Furong Valley, also known as the Spring Valley is located at the north gate of Huangshan Mountain scenic area and is one of the most beautiful spots on the mountain. I’d previously heard all kinds of praises for the area’s waters, scenes and valleys.

Old streets in Anhui serve as a repository of history
Despite nearly 20 years passing, the Tunxi Old Street in Anhui province’s Huangshan city had retained the same primitive simplicity I had witnessed in 1981.

Tuojian, a beautiful peak of the Dabie Mountains
On weekends, together with some of my friends who are outdoor adventure lovers, I climbed Tuojian, the first peak of the southern slope of the Dabie Mountains.

A visit to the holy Jiuhua
Outside of Tongling,in the southeastern part of Chizhou city, Anhui province, lies Jiuhua Mountain. Its name literally means "Nine Brilliant Mountains," but the 100 square kilometer area actually consists of 99 peaks, with the tallest one reaching 1,341 meters.

Final Day in China's Bronze Capital
The past few days have been nothing but rain for Tongling, which is usually the norm here, and has therefore done little to shake the festivities and enthusiasm within the birthplace of China's bronze civilization.

Tongling, A Hidden Gem within the Middle Kingdom
After a well night's rest and a break from Tongling's notorious "ganbei" culture, my day began with a trip to a very special destination.

Trip to the first China (Tongling) Int'l Bronze Sculpture Exhibition
My journey to Tongling began Saturday morning with a two and a half hour flight from Beijing to Hefei, the capital city of Anhui province, along with a small team of CRI reporters.

Enjoy the silence of time in Datong ancient town
It was a cloudy day. Setting off from the University of Science and Technology of China, we arrived in the ancient town of Datong in Tongling city, Anhui province, after two and a half hours of driving.

Water of Hongcun Village
What impressed me most during my visit to Hongcun, an ancient village in southern Anhui, was the water.

A rocky road to tranquility
Still trying to figure out where to go for a break during the Mid-autumn Festival and National Day holidays? You might think about heading to Caishiji Scenic Park in Anhui province, a 660,000-square-meter area renowned for its peaceful environment and beautiful scenery.