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  Six travel routes to enjoy spring in Fuyang
Youjia Garden and the newly-built Wuli Lake Wetland Park are also popular places to travel, and they are national 4A resorts.

  The World Heritage Site Tour
Recommended Hotel:Huangshan Golf Hotel [5 Star]Day 2 After having breakfast in the hotel, drive to the Cloud Valley Cableway Stop.In the afternoon, pay a visit to 【XidiVillage】, then hotel check in and have dinner.

  Cruise Tour along Middle & Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River
Day 1    From Wuhan travel eastward along the Yangtze River by cruise ship or steamboat and may stop at Jiujiang City to visit Mount Lushan. After arriving in Anhui Province, tour the Xiaogu Hill, an isolated island in the Yangtze River.

  Three-day Conventional Tour to Mount Jiuhua
Day 1Attraction:Receive tour group at the entrance door to Mount Jiuhua, then visit【Jiuhua Street】which is famous for its Buddhism culture -【Huacheng Temple】-【Zhiyuan Temple】Recommended Hotel:Dong Ya Hotel [4 Star]Day 2After breakfast, bus to【Heavenly Terrace Scenic Area】- Up and down the mountain by cableway to visit【Ancient Baijing Platform】-【Tiantai Summit】-【Thread of

  Two-day Conventional Tour to Mount Jiuhua
After lunch, visit【Mount Jiuhua Scenic Area】:【Baisui Palace】-【Hall of Five Hundred Arhats】-【Dongya Temple】-【Huacheng Temple】-【Dabei Hall】-【Zhiyuan Temple】- Stroll along the【Jiuhua Street】after dinnerRecommended Hotel:Dong Ya Hotel [4 Star]Day 2Attraction:

  The Famous Tour “Two Mountains, One Lake + Hefei”
Take a bus ride to Tunxi District, where the government of Huangshan City is located ( 55 kilometers) and stay at Tunxi fore night Day 5    After Breakfast, tour the ancient Tunxi Street and buy some souvenir there. To enjoy Hui cuisine and famous brands of tea is a must, visiting Hu Kaiwen Inkstick Factory and Huashan Mysterious Cavern can be a choice for you.

  "Best wishes" 3-day Jiuhua Mountain Tour (Temple Fair Line)
Day 1 Depart for Jiuhua Mountain
Day 2 Activities at Jiuhua Street
Day 3 Back home

  Tours of south Anhui’s top scenic spots
Anhui Winter Tours: A classic 6-day tour to Huangshan (Yellow) Mountain/Jiuhua Mountain/Taiping Lake/Hefei city

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