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The people of Anhui have definitively decoded the inextricable link between life and health, not only because of the healthy way of cooking for which Anhui is famous, but also because it is home to a wide range of teas noted for their health benefits. The land of Anhui awaits to serve her guests with unforgettable feasts of flavors.
  Food and Drinks
  General introduction to Anhui Cuisine
Anhui cuisine features the local culinary arts of Huizhou.
  Branded liquors in Anhui
Gujing Gong Liquor and Kouzi Cellar Liquor are both famous branded liquors in Anhui province.
  Types of teas in Anhui province
Many types of high-quality tea are produced in Anhui province.
  Anqing specialties
Anqing dishes attach importance to rich taste, colorful appearance and an appropriate level of heat.
  Dining Places
  Restaurants in North Anhui Tourism Area
  Restaurants in Pan-Chaohu Tourism Area
  Restaurants in South Anhui Tourism Area
  Restaurants and Food Areas in Hefei