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On the phenomena of collective travel
"What could possibly compel them to do something so… wrong?" This was the question posed by a group of expats sitting around a youth hostel in scenic Huangshan Mountain, China's beloved mountain range in Anhui province, discussing the legions of tourists who had disrupted their 72-peak excursion.

The long and winding road
Going to Huangshan reminds me of the hit Beatles' song "The Long and Winding Road". What is so breath-taking about the experience are the out-of-this -world scenes!

Travelogue: Iron Painting
Iron Paintings have a history of more than 300 years. But these aren't paintings at all, but rather pieces of iron that are heated and then bent and manipulated into lines and shapes.

The Way to Hefei
On my trip from Dalian to Changsha to visit my old friend Lao Hei, I had decided to avoid crowds and overbooked trains by taking a side route through Shandong. Missing a direct train link from Qingdao, I had needed to resort to an overnight bus stopping halfway at Hefei city, capital of Anhui province.

Historical tour in Huizhou
Huizhou, located at the foot of Huangshan Mountain and the source of Xin'an River, is a sacred place that citizens dream about. Many exquisite sculptures of wood, brick and stone, tall horse-head walls, and secluded alleys are preserved here.

Tachuan’s autumn scenery - the best in China
Each autumn rain brings about a cold spell. In autumn, the amazing scenery captures the interest of photographers. The autumn scenery in Tachuan is believed to be one of the top four autumn sceneries in China.

Hefei well worth a visit
The capital of Anhui province is blessed with rivers, lakes, cultural and historical attractions.

Tasting the Huizhou culture
In the south east of Anhui province, under the foot of Huangshan Mountain can be found historical and cultural Shexian county. Upon waking I thought to myself, that sounds like a brilliant place to spend the day.

The mystery of Anhui’s Huashan Caves
Located in the eastern suburbs of Tunxi district in the Anhui province city of Huangshan, a visitor will find Huashan Caves steeped in ancient, mysterious legends.

In summer, it's time for crayfish
People in Hefei, like me, sometimes struggle when asked about the best local cuisine. But at this time of the year, the answer is easy. Nine out of 10 locals will say: "Try the crayfish food court and you will not be disappointed!"