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Qiyun Mountain, Home of Taoists
Mulian Opera in Qimen Town
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Travel tips of Yellow Mountain
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Not just for the mountain
Contrary to my expectations, it turns out Huangshan isn't just about its famous mountains. I discovered you can spend a day climbing the mountains and a day descending them, but there's also a day or two's worth of sightseeing in the surrounding area.

Where to go after the snow has melted
The heavy snow in southern China has forced many scenic spots to shut down temporarily and travel agencies canceled package tours during the Spring Festival Holiday.

Spare tourists from excessive guides
I like traveling across the country, visiting places of historical interest and beautiful scenery, including famous tourist attractions. But I prefer traveling alone to joining a tour group, especially a package tour arranged by a tour agency. I enjoy the freedom of staying long at places that appeal to me and skipping those I find less interesting.

On cloud nine
The Chinese will have you believe there is no mountain worth visiting after you have seen Huangshan. Ou Shuyi discovers why.

Haunted heights
Wreathed in mist and pine trees, and boasting dagger-like rocks, Mount Huangshan in southern Anhui province looks just like a traditional Chinese ink painting.

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