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A spiritual journey on high
Whether it's for a religious experience or the spectacular views, Jiuhua Mountain is tops, Xiao Cui reports.

Enjoy ancient cities, majestic mountain treasures of south Anhui
A sea of cottony clouds ebbs and flows beneath the majestic mountain peaks. Pines shaped by the uncontrollable forces of nature glisten in the sun...

Joyful days in lovely Anhui
As a tour operator from Germany, China Tours Hamburg, I got the chance to explore the area of Huangshan city under the local guidance of the Jeffrey, Sunny, Kiki and Janice.

Anhui surprises me
To be honest, I had no idea what to expect as I have never travelled to China before, and was quite surprised and pleased with what it has to offer.

I wish to visit Anhui a second time!
As much as I loved my Shanghai visit, I felt excited to get away from the busy vibrant city to experience the countryside down south.

Anhui revisited
I was fortunate enough to embark on the charming land of Anhui a second time on June 21, 2010 (my first trip to Anhui was made only a month ago), participating in the1st National Web Media Anhui Travel Trip.

Day two of trip: Hongcun Village
The other aspect I loved about Anhui is its ancient villages. I visited Hongcun Village on my second day in Huangshan city, Anhui.

Day one of trip: Huangshan Mountain
It was in Anhui that I both truly experienced and saw China. Anhui province, with its stunning Huangshan Mountain and beautiful old towns, was what I pictured China to be based on the movies I've watched and the books I've read.

Believing is everything
Huangshan Mountains, located in the south of Anhui province, was originally known as Mt Yishan. It was renamed to Huangshan Mountains in AD 747 by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang dynasty in recognition of the legendary Huang Di, who was the reputed ancestor of the Chinese people and who made magic pills for immortality here.

Where's the rush? You are in Hefei
Whenever I talk about my hometown with my foreign friends, I like to make fun of its name - Hefei - which means "two fat men together".