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China expected to offer more opportunities to foreign investors: Dagong Europe

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-07-09 06:40

MILAN - China will continue opening up to foreign investors, the Europe branch of China-based Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd. said in a commentary released on Tuesday.

The new commentary highlighted the potential future opportunities stemming from the planned reforms in China.

"China is gradually relaxing the limits under the quota systems, and allowing more flexibility in the catalogues for foreign investments," the opinion piece quoted Head of Corporates Analytical Team at Dagong Europe Richard Miratsky as saying.

Moreover, the free trade zones (FTZ) idea is the government's interesting new attempt to experiment with new investment approaches focused on deregulation in selected areas, he added.

Francesca Russo, also with Dagong Europe, said that China's sizeable population, rapid urbanization and large infrastructure developments are expected to continue offering significant opportunities to local and foreign investors.

According to the commentary, to operate locally in China today requires more flexible corporate structures compared to the past, and advanced distribution networks to face fiercer competition and increasing operating costs.

Milan-based Dagong Europe was established in 2012 as a Sino-Italian joint venture between Dagong Global Credit Rating and Mandarin Capital Partners, a private equity fund by institutional investors, and was the first Asian rating company operating in the European Union.

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