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Tap water supply resumes in E China city

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-05-11 15:31

NANJING - Tap water supply in Jingjiang in east China's Jiangsu Province resumed on Sunday morning after an odor was detected in the Yangtze River water source, said local authorities.

Tap water supply resumes in E China city
City suspends water supply over suspected pollution
The city's emergency headquarters resumed tap water supply at 10:50 am Sunday as water samples from the source have met all national drinking water standards, according to a notice released by the Jingjiang municipal government.

The city's water company detected a strange odor in the river water around 10 am on Friday.

The municipal government soon notified the residents about the water odor. It cut water supply from the Yangtze River source and used an alternative water source from a pasture ecological park.

Government authorities in Jingjiang will monitor the drinking water quality to ensure its safety, said the notice.

A string of water pollution incidents has aroused serious concern across China. The latest occurred last month in Lanzhou, capital city of northwest China's Gansu Province, when excessive levels of benzene were detected in the city's tap water.

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