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Chinese-language training group releases new curriculum

By Zhao Xinying ( Updated: 2014-04-21 15:02

Dongxuetang, an extracurricular Chinese-language training organization for primary and middle school students under the Tomorrow Advancing Life Education Group, has released a new curriculum in response to reforms in China's senior high school entrance exam and the gaokao, China's college entrance exam.

According to a draft plan released by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education in October, the total points for the subject of Chinese language in the city's gaokao will rise from 150 to 180 as of 2016, while those in senior high school entrance exam will be increased to 150 from the present 120.

More content on Chinese traditional culture will be also tested in both entrance exams, to nurture students' love for their cultural legacy, the Ministry of Education said in a notice released in early April.

Zhou Qingyuan, chairman of the Chinese language education committee under the China Association of Higher Education, said the reforms in Chinese-language exams require students to read more and enhance their practical ability of using their mother tongue.

Because of this, Dongxuetang released its new curriculum to help students better meet the challenges of the reform, while also improving their ability to use the language in everyday life.

Zhuang Wenhui, director of Dongxuetang, said the new system stresses the importance of reading and attempts to nurture students' knowledge and love for the Chinese language and Chinese traditional culture by guiding them to read more Chinese classic literature.

Other teaching methods, such as visualizing the reading material by drawing pictures and acting out stories from textbooks are also included in the new system.

"These are more interesting ways for students to understand and learn classic Chinese literature, and make it easier for students to put what they learn into practice in daily life," he said.

Zhuang said mini libraries have also been established for students, offering them quality books suitable for primary and middle school students.

"We will also hold reading salons from time to time and invite writers and academics to share their reading experiences with our students," Zhuang added.

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