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Beijing to hold horse fair in May

By Wang Kaihao ( Updated: 2014-04-07 15:52

The 2014 International Akhal-Teke Horse Association Special Conference and the China Horse Culture Festival will be held in mid-May in Beijing, the organizer announced.

The three-day festival will attract guests and professionals from 60 countries and regions to the capital city for a series of events, including China's first national Akhal-Teke competition, horse cultural forums and relevant exhibitions, the China Horse Industry Association said in a press statement.

Akhal-Teke is a fine horse breed and a national emblem of Turkmenistan. The breed has been recorded in China's historical file for more than 2,000 years, and has been eulogized throughout Chinese history due to frequent cultural communication via the Silk Road.

China and Turkmenistan will also sign a strategic agreement on the relevant industry during the May events.

Globally renowned director Zhang Yimou and actor Jackie Chan will be the promotion ambassadors for the events.

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