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Keeper walks tiger cub daily in park

By Yang Yao ( Updated: 2014-02-12 20:53

A zookeeper walking a tiger cub in a Jiaozuo park recently has attracted much attention, Dahe Daily reported on Wednesday.

The keeper walked the cub in Jiaozuo People's Park, inviting onlookers to take photos.

The cub belongs to the zoo in the park, which has certification to raise the protected animal.

The keeper, surnamed Hu, said the 6-month-old cub has a congenital deficiency and could only crawl in the first three month after it was born. According to a veterinary diagnosis, it lacks calcium and needs exercise.

"I, therefore, walk the little tiger every day and also massage it," Hu said.

He has done this for three months and now the tiger has recovered.

Tiger are protected wildlife in China and cannot be raised by individuals without a certificate, according to the Chinese Wild Animal Protection Law.

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