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New regulations on big data for Guizhou province

By Fan Feifei ( Updated: 2016-01-15 17:03

The regulation on promoting Guizhou province's big data development and application was approved by the 20th plenary session of the 12th Guizhou provincial people's congress standing committee on Friday.

This marks the first local regulation about big data across the nation. The regulation includes the definition of: big data, data sharing, data collection by public institutions and data ownership, transaction and security.

The transcript says the provincial government will accelerate the establishment and development of the national big data comprehensive experimental zone and strategic key laboratory. It will also introduce and cultivate preponderant enterprises and talents to promote the coordinated development of big data industry.

Based on the regulation, the local governments in Guizhou province could set up a special fund to support big data development and provide tax preferential policies to big data enterprises. And the university and research institute are encouraged to establish a R&D center of big data, and related enterprises are stimulated to formulate standard about big data application.

According to the committee, the regulation is conducive to pushing forward the development and application of big data in Guizhou, cultivating strategic emerging industry, promoting traditional industrial transformation and upgrading and propelling the historic stride of economical and social development of Guizhou.

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