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Land Rover China moves fast to address concerns around imported Evoque

By Li Fusheng (China Daily) Updated: 2015-03-19 14:37

However, the 9-speed transmission gearbox is extremely advanced technology, and provides a more invigorating experience for drivers, according to Zhong Shi, a senior automotive analyst and commentator, who specializes in the latest updates in the industry.

He said that "if car manufacturers are too conservative and won't risk using the latest technology, then the industry will stagnate to the detriment of consumers' driving experience.

"Auto companies need to be prepared to offer after-sales refinement of innovative technology, as possible technical issues may arise."

Land Rover China has been in close contact with relevant government authorities, updating them on their ongoing work to resolve the problem with the Evoque.

The problem with the gearbox, which is said to result in the car coming to a stop or incorrectly reversing, was identified last year and the company had already put measures in place to address it.

Land Rover experts diagnosed faults in the software program that is responsible for managing the gearbox.

9-Speed transmission gearbox

The 9-speed transmission gearbox used in the Range Rover Evoque and in other premium vehicles is built by German manufacturer ZF, a global leader in driveline and chassis technology. ZF is also one of the 10 largest automotive suppliers worldwide.

The 9-speed transmission is one of ZF's most state-of-the-art products. It is also one of the most technologically-advanced gearboxes in the industry and has the most gears of any mass-produced gearbox currently available. The 9-speed transmission provides more comfort when switching gears, and also shortens the time between gear changes. This allows for better fuel efficiency, as the gearbox is more precise in when in delivers the power.

The advantages of a 9-speed transmission are obvious when compared to its 5-speed and 6-speed predecessors.

However, like with all new technology, there are risks of teething problems that come with new developments. Manufacturers and parts suppliers have a responsibility to work around these problems as much as possible and ensure that they provide reliable and safe products for their customers.

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