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Outlines of the results of Seminar on China-Iran Cooperation for Development by "One Belt and One Road" Initiatives

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Outlines of the results of Seminar on China-Iran Cooperation for Development by

Seminar on China-Iran Cooperation for Development by "One Belt and One Road" Initiatives is held in Haikou, South China's Hainan province, Dec 22-24, 2015. [Provided to]

I. Consensus

1. The ancient Silk Road is a shared cultural heritage and historical asset of countries along the Road, which embodies the idea of the spirit of peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit. The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road carry on the spirit of the ancient Silk Road. The "One Belt and One Road" initiative represents a visionary blueprint for countries along the Silk Road to build a community of shared interests, joint responsibility and common destiny marked by high level of political mutual trust, economic integration and cultural inclusiveness.

2. Constructing the "One Belt and One Road" bears great significance. On the one hand, constructing the "One Belt and One Road" is a new means of enhancing global governance and will promote better integration of global governance structure and globalization, encourage newly emerging economies to actively participate in the adjustment of global governance structure. On the other hand, constructing the "One Belt and One Road" will serve as the new engine for global economic development and promote countries along the route to update infrastructure and realize sustained development.

3. Iran is a major country in West Asia. With its distinct regional advantage, it plays a significant and unique role internationally and regionally. Friendly cooperation has been progressing smoothly; commercial cooperation has been deepening consistently; social and civil exchanges have been increasing steadily. At present, China and Iran face great cooperation opportunities. China attaches great importance to cooperation with Iran.

4. The two sides hope to jointly promote the construction of the "One Belt and One Road" and the China-Central Asia-West Asia economic corridor, to strengthen political relations, economic ties and socio-cultural communication. The two countries appreciate and look forward to the construction of the "One Belt and One Road" under the principle of joint discussion, joint development and mutual sharing, to build a community of shared interests, joint responsibility and common destiny, and to achieve policy dialogue, infrastructure connection, trade integration, financial fluidity and people-to-people dialogue.

5. The two sides hope that the government, under the legal framework and the guidance of standards, gives full play to the leading and service functions of the government, the regulating functions of the market in resource allocation, and meanwhile, fully mobilizes enterprises to play their dominant roles in the One Belt and One Road.

6. CASS-RDI plays an active role in the promotion of the construction of the "One Belt and One Road" and enjoys a good reputation. With a problem and need-based, project-focused and result-oriented approach, following the principle of integrating international and domestic resources, it actively organizes governments, enterprises, industries and social resources and supports them through the enhancement and development of legal advices, policy research, technical standards, information technology, financial services, public relations and capacity building, and provide services and support to enterprises from both sides in the construction of the "One Belt and One Road".

7. Both sides advocates the idea of integrated and comprehensive sustainable development, which incorporates economic, social, cultural, financial, commercial, technological and ecological development and hope to use CASS-RDI as a platform to enhance cooperation in the field of energy, infrastructure, mining, science and technology, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication, electronics, and mechanical engineering, in order to connect the comparative advantages, good resources and complementary market of the two countries, and to benefit West Asia and the entire world.

II. Output

1. Further summarize the ideas and results of the international seminar on China-Iran cooperation by the "One Belt and One Road" initiatives, jointly organize high-level advocacy and media communication, jointly conduct research and draft report on China-Iran cooperation in order to promote comprehensive China-Iran cooperation.

2. Prepare for the formation of advisory committee of the CASS-RDI.

3. Both sides should indicate the needs of the respective countries and provide list of enterprises and projects, in order to promote the docking of projects and grounded cooperation.

4. In order to promote the cooperation, communication and sharing between China and Iran, both sides will jointly organize multi-level capacity building programs.

5. Actively prepare the organization of CASS-RDI delegation to Iran in May, 2016, and conduct high-level advocacy, field research, enterprises connection, project discussion and social communication.

6. Actively organize governments think tanks and enterprises from both sides to attend the "One Belt and One Road" Karamay Forum in August, 2016 to promote the pragmatic enterprise docking and project cooperation between China and Iran.

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