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Six firsts at this year's G20 Summit

[2016-09-06 06:35]

Themed "Toward an Innovative, Invigorated, Interconnected and Inclusive World Economy," the summit aims to implement the consensus reached at former G20 summits, and stress innovation, reform and development.

Technology advances leave stamp on G20

[2016-09-06 07:48]

Technology now makes live broadcasts simple. It is no longer just for the privileged few but a dream come true for many.

'It's time' for open global investment environment

[2016-09-06 07:37]

Government leaders' vision of building an open and transparent global investment environment and curbing trade protectionism will offer growth remedies to the world economy in the long run, especially to developing economies, officials and experts said.

IMF looks to expand Special Drawing Rights

[2016-09-06 07:27]

The International Monetary Fund is exploring ways to broaden the use of its Special Drawing Rights after the leaders of the G20 reached a consensus on the matter at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou to enhance the resilience of the international financial system.

Speed up Sino-US BIT talks, experts advise

[2016-09-06 07:20]

China and the United States should speed up negotiations to resolve thorny issues in areas such as national treatment in government procurement in order to reach a bilateral investment treaty, experts said on Monday.

Xi's G20 Summit opening speech reverberates across world

[2016-09-05 17:12]

Chinese President Xi Jinping not only identified major challenges facing the global economy but also prescribed remedies to revive sluggish growth, said experts.

G20 leaders and delegations enjoy Hangzhou outside the summit

[2016-09-05 16:29]

Away from G20 meetings, leaders and delegations are also enjoying the attractions Hangzhou has to offer: Drinking tea, shopping in the city and eating in local restaurants.

G20 members urged to implement China's proposals: Think tank expert

[2016-09-05 16:06]

China has made efforts to take a more active role in developing the world economy and the other members of the G20 should take bold action to meet their commitments, said a CIGI fellow.

Comment from Joerg Wuttke, president of EU Chamber of Commerce in China

[2016-09-05 15:44]

Comment from Joerg Wuttke, president of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China.

Belt and Road Initiative for global benefit

[2016-09-05 07:47]

China's plan is contributing to more efficient global economic and financial governance.

Global financial safety net needs strengthening

[2016-09-05 07:43]

The global financial safety net can hardly meet expectations, as "asymmetric and fragmented problems" loom large, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde has said.

Infrastructure helps regional integration

[2016-09-05 07:34]

Infrastructure connectivity is a focus of both the Belt and Road Initiative and the G20 Leaders Summit because of its significance for boosting economic growth and promoting prosperity.

Technology can expand access to finance

[2016-09-05 07:30]

At a time when technology-driven microfinance services have become a key strategy to achieve financial inclusion, more efforts to improve the financial infrastructure are needed, experts say.

Proposal a new driver of investment

[2016-09-05 07:48]

As the world looks to the G20 for a prescription against the weak global economic recovery, the Belt and Road Initiative has become a new driver of international trade and investment.

Cooperation in capacity to reshape global value chain

[2016-09-05 07:50]

International cooperation in production capacity is an innovative way to boost the global economy and reshape the global value chain, and there are great opportunities for international production capacity cooperation with the advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative.

No basis seen for long-term drop in Chinese currency

[2016-09-05 09:09]

Experts expect the renminbi to remain stable against a basket of currencies as there is no long-term basis for depreciation.

Nation can engender win-win changes

[2016-09-04 10:30]

China can play a critical role by nurturing the development of meaningful communication and initiating dialogue to seek win-win compromise and solutions.

A new starting point for China's development: Xi

[2016-09-04 08:39]

A new starting point for China's development.

G20 summit to pave way for sustainable, inclusive growth: Ghanaian official

[2016-09-03 14:58]

The upcoming G20 summit in Hangzhou, China, will help create the needed foundation for sustainable and inclusive growth across the world, said a senior Ghanaian official to Xinhua.

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