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Model designer fashions her career

By Andrew Moody and Yu Hang (China Daily) Updated: 2015-06-01 07:29

According to research, women have problems raising finance, with some banks not willing to lend to female-led business ventures.

"Actually I wouldn't say that was true. Prejudice does exist, but not necessarily in the financial sector. I think within banks people are often quite educated and enlightened about these things. I always think that if someone is prejudiced it is just a reflection of their poor educational background."

Apart from business, Ma has established herself as an actress with a leading role in the TV comedy drama Marriage Battle on Chinese TV and in the 2010 movie Love in Cosmo, where she plays an Anna Wintour-esque fashion magazine editor.

"Despite running the business, I have a real desire and craving to act. There is also a business aspect to it in that my company gets to cooperate with theater groups."

The former supermodel, who went through a high-profile divorce, believes it is important that women strive to establish their own economic independence whether in a relationship or not.

"During my marriage, I always kept my business separate, so when we got divorced I could be independent. This is the one piece of advice I would give any woman, whatever her marital status, and that is to achieve economic independence."

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