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Wang urges Tokyo to match actions to its words

By ZHANG YUNBI ( Updated: 2017-02-17 21:40

Tokyo is urged to “match its actions to its words” to realize the improvement of China-Japan ties, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Friday when meeting with his Japanese counterpart, Fumio Kishida.

According to a Foreign Ministry press release, the meeting was made “at the request of the Japanese side”.

Wang has warned over a slew of “negative moves taken by Tokyo recently over major sensitive issues”, which has disturbed the improving ties.

Earlier this month, Tokyo prompted the Trump administration to reassure Japan that China’s Diaoyu Islands are covered by the security umbrella of a US-Japan defense treaty made in 1951.

As this year marks the 45th anniversary of the two countries normalizing their diplomatic relations, Wang said both sides should take the chance, honor the will of their predecessors, learn from past lessons and safeguard the political basis for two-way ties.

Kishida said Japan is willing to properly tackle bilateral divergences, expand the positive side of the two-way ties and make the anniversary events a success to push for the improvement of the ties.

Kishida said Japan attaches importance to the concerns raised by China.

He reassured Wang on the one-China policy and that Tokyo will not supporting “Taiwan independence”.

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