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Business leaders, experts applaud Xi's speech in Seattle

[2015-09-24 09:01]

Business leaders, scholars and experts who attended a banquet in Seattle on Tuesday in honor of visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping applauded his speech at the event.

Cooperation, competition co-exist in Sino-US military ties

[2015-09-24 07:36]

As such, decision-makers on both sides need to remember that a strong military is vital to the healthy development of overall bilateral relations.

Scholars speak highly of Xi's words, China-US partnership

[2015-09-23 23:10]

World experts have lauded Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent interview with The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), saying it helps the world better understand China and that China-US cooperation can make the world a better and peaceful place.

Experts' views on Sino-US relations

[2015-09-26 09:24]

Experts' views on Sino-US relations

Experts: Xi's interview with WSJ cuts to the chase

[2015-09-23 20:39]

President Xi's interview with US newspaper was sincere and to the point, according to experts.

When the Chinese Dream encounters the American Dream

[2015-09-23 18:42]

In a written interview with the Wall Street Journal ahead of a state visit to the US, Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke about the Chinese dream as compared to the American dream, which has attracted much media attention.

Xi's US visit is a trip for peace and cooperation

[2015-09-23 17:09]

The whole world is watching with great expectations about President Xi's visit to the U.S. and hope that the improvement of the Sino-U.S. relationship will bring benefits to the whole world.

My hopes for President Xi's visit to America

[2015-09-23 16:52]

I hope that America will have the wisdom to seize the opportunity at this time, a very important time in the history of the world, to adopt the same attitude of peace, rational thinking, cooperation, fairness and prosperity for humankind.

Combating graft to earn credibility

[2015-09-23 15:41]

It's almost human nature that, when trying to understand a different political system, people either generalize or overcomplicate it, or sometimes both.

President's mission is one of crucial importance

[2015-09-23 13:07]

More than two years after President Xi Jinping took office, his style of governance has become clear enough to be summarized.