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China's rise to alter global configuration

[2015-05-18 07:45]

Given the current conditions, a bipolar international configuration is more likely than a multipolar or unipolar one, says a scholar.

Not to allow distractions to derail China-US cooperation

[2015-05-16 09:21]

Western media reports give an impression that US Secretary of State John Kerry is set to pick a fight over South China Sea on his trip to China.

My reason for coming back

[2015-05-15 11:32]

As to the topic of returning, most of them suggested not coming back, but staying in the States, for the sake of future generations as well as myself.

Talks with Kerry to broach touchy issues

[2015-05-13 07:42]

Senior Chinese leaders will meet with US Secretary of State John Kerry this weekend to prepare for key talks amid renewed friction.

Lost in translation: Met Gala's China theme leads to hilarious Chinese memes

[2015-05-06 11:54]

The difference between how the Met Gala outfits were received in the West as opposed to in China goes to show how China gets "lost in translation."

Metgala draws Chinese fashion bloggers' criticism

[2015-05-06 10:47]

The theme was China: Through The Looking Glass. But to Chinese fashion bloggers some of the A-list women who attended the gala at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art were barely dressed and most simply missed the event's theme.

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