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Newborn twin pandas lead happy weekend at National Zoo

[2015-08-24 02:04]

It is more than double happiness for the giant pandas and their fans at the Smithsonian's National Zoo this weekend.

Washington port group ready for a merger of Chinese shippers

[2015-08-21 05:18]

A possible merger between two of China’s largest shipping companies could coincide seamlessly with a new alliance between the ports of Seattle and Tacoma in Washington state.

Thucydides Trap not etched in stone

[2015-08-20 07:31]

Beijing wants to build a new type of major-power relationship with Washington, but one side's commitment cannot prevent a conflict.

Olympiad doesn't mean math talent pool

[2015-08-19 07:39]

Besides, universities, on their part, should select students who best fit their requirements after comprehensive evaluation, not simply on the basis of their high scorers in gaokao.

Feng shui has more to do with cash flow than energy flow

[2015-08-19 04:30]

With Chinese buyers spending upwards of $28.6 billion on US residential real estate between April 2014 and March 2015, sellers and agents would do well to pay heed to some other numbers that have come out of a recent survey.

China's once again the bogeyman in the race for the White House

[2015-08-18 03:57]

China has often become a bogeyman in recent US presidential campaigns, as witnessed by the many Day-One vows by Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the 2012 race to get tough with China. The unfolding 2016 election cycle seems no exception to the rule.

Are 'anchor' babies becoming more of a loadstone than a plus?

[2015-08-17 03:40]

Summer is the season for reunions. So far this time around I have already hosted several Chinese friends from my teenage years in China and some college friends are still to come.

Washington's dubious silence on Abe revisionism

[2015-08-14 08:37]

Whatever Abe says on Friday, he is a leader with a distorted view of history and an expanding military, which is a dangerous combination.

Chinese man, 66, rides bicycle from Massachusetts to California

[2015-08-13 12:04]

For Fei Xuan, his latest feat of physical endurance was probably a breeze.

War on Ebola gets a shot in the arm as cooperation continues

[2015-08-12 04:38]

The news announced last week that preliminary tests on a new vaccine for Ebola were 100 percent effective came as a cause for excitement.