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China key to new UN development goals

[2015-09-26 08:32]

On Friday, just before the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly, member states adopted a new set of Sustainable Development Goals. President Xi Jinping joined more than 150 leaders from other countries at the UN Headquarters in New York to participate in this historic moment.

History of US-China relations predates Mao and Nixon

[2015-09-29 03:54]

President Xi Jinping is visiting the United States, and articles and opinions about issues, conflicts and personal relationships have filled the American press. Today, Americans are obsessed with their country’s relationship with China and what it means to their futures.

Mutual assurance vital to controlling damage

[2015-09-25 08:03]

As the jewels of classical Chinese literature, four-character idioms, those based on educating legends in particular, are wonderful vehicles of traditional values. When used properly, the terse phrases can convey profound messages. Like the two President Xi Jinping used in Seattle.

Musical exchange hits high note on FM broadcast

[2015-09-28 13:24]

On Jan 9 at 7 pm, a momentous broadcast debuted on Shanghai East Classical 94.7 FM - a concert by the New York Philharmonic under the direction of Alan Gilbert, the orchestra's conductor and music director.

Keep building ties in higher education

[2015-09-28 13:24]

With President Xi Jinping continuing the visit to the United States, we have been reading daily about the difficult and contentious issues that may arise in the important meeting between President Obama and President Xi. These issues are important, as the relationship between the United States and China has never been more critical, whether in economics or global security.

Bilateral harmony can lift world

[2015-09-28 07:56]

It does not matter precisely how their ties are rhetorically framed - "new type of major-country relationship" or otherwise. China and the United States need a clear sense of direction as their relations approach a critical crossroad, and, as the latest talk about "frenemy-ship" indicates, could go either way.

The US-China summit and the Trump card

[2015-09-28 13:24]

The Chinese must view Donald Trump like a house of cards in portraying the ugly side of America's political culture. Mesmerizing, yes, but not realistic.

Same actors, different drama

[2015-09-29 00:21]

No more is the storyline simply how a declining power makes way for a rising one. As China’s growth has faltered, so too has its image of infallibility.