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Upcoming Xi-Obama meeting carries global significance: Mexican expert

[2015-09-21 11:20]

A much-anticipated meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama will serve to "gauge" the international agenda in the coming years, according to a Mexican scholar.

US should support success of economic reforms in China

[2015-09-21 09:22]

Former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said on Sunday the United States should support the success of economic reforms in China, which is critical to both countries and the global economy.

Xi's visit and optimism of youths to boost Sino-US ties

[2015-09-21 08:00]

A survey conducted by China Daily website found President Xi Jinping's state visit to the United States is an attention-grabbing event for both Chinese and American youths. The majority of the respondents to the survey also expressed optimism over the prospects of bilateral ties.

High hopes travel with President Xi to US

[2015-09-21 07:14]

Controlling and managing differences between China and the US is critical to better bilateral relationship, says a senior researcher.

China, US still facing uphill battles in fighting corruption

[2015-09-21 05:48]

Corruption has long been a top concern among the Chinese, which may well explain why the strong anti-corruption campaign led by President Xi Jinping is gaining growing support among the people.

Xi's epic bid for better US ties bolsters Asian peace, prosperity

[2015-09-18 09:45]

It is already a worldwide consensus that China and the United States, the two giants sitting on the opposite end of the Pacific Ocean, play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the vast region between them, whose eminence in global affairs is growing each and every day.

Leaders need to have shared vision of China-US relations

[2015-09-18 08:04]

While China does need to make more efforts to show that a rising China is peaceful and beneficial to the world, there are lot of adjustments the US needs to make.

Flushing-to-Far West Side-subway extension seen as NY economic driver

[2015-09-17 11:36]

The Far West Side extension of the New York subway system's No. 7 line could become an economic bonanza for people who live along the line, including its eastern terminus in Flushing, Queens.

Tsai should clarify position on cross-Straits ties

[2015-09-17 07:45]

Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party's leadership candidate Tsai Ing-wen should make her policy toward Chinese mainland clear.

A mix of US, Chinese education best for kids

[2015-09-17 07:45]

Understanding the differences between Chinese and US family education will help the two sides use them to make comparisons more meaningful and healthy.