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Experts: Xi's interview with WSJ cuts to the chase

(People's Daily)

Updated: 2015-09-23 20:39:13


President Xi's interview with US newspaper was sincere and to the point, according to experts. Just before his state visit to the United States, President Xi had a written interview with Wall Street Journal, where he answered 12 questions covering current topics like the Chinese stock market, South China Sea issue, cyber security, and anti-corruption campaign.

Scholars reveal to People's Daily Online their analysis of the Wall Street Journal interview: it shows how President Xi values the communication with American press, and is very helpful in reducing the mystery which surrounds President Xi Jinping for Americans. Plus the way President Xi "cut to the chase" and answered these controversial questions sincerely also shows his bearing as the leader of a major responsible country.

Da Wei, Director of the Department for American Studies of the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, thinks that President Xi clearly and firmly answered the questions the US has about China, and avoided any ambiguous information. When asking about whether China's business environment is worsening, President Xi's answer of "making use of foreign investment is and will be our long-term policy" came as strong reassurance to the American people. And on global governance, Da Wei considers President Xi's statement to have made a clear-cut point: global governance is not a matter of willingness, but a matter of ability. The current international system is not for any single country to govern since the law of how international order runs has changed.

Wu Xinbo, Vice President of School of International Studies of Fudan University, focuses on the issue of cyber security. "China is a firm defender of cyber security. And China is also a victim of hackers' attacks … China and the US have the same concern on cyber security issues, we are willing to strengthen the cooperation with the United States." President Xi's answer on cyber security shows that China and the US have common ground for cooperation on the fight against network crimes and financial fraud.

Ruan Zongze, Vice President of the China Institute of International Studies, says that this interview is comprehensive and complete. President Xi has answered almost all the hot issues both internationally and domestically. For the sharp problems that particularly concern Americans, such as cyber security and South China Sea, President Xi did not hold back from commenting. Readers in the US and other countries can directly see President Xi's ideas through this interview with Wall Street Journal. "This is a very good way to introduce his own ideas, and is very good for people in the US to reconsider their uncertain feelings about President Xi Jinping."

This article is edited and translated from a Chinese article written by Tan Boya and Liu Jieyan and published on people.com.cn. Please view the original article here.