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South Korea regrets laser pen incident at Youth Olympics

2014-09-03 07:12

South Korea was "confirming facts" after one of its young athletes was accused of shining a laser pen into the face of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

Li hails the Olympic spirit

2014-08-29 01:05

Clapping and chanting, more than 60,000 spectators and over 3,000 athletes braved rain as magnificent fireworks lit the sky above the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Stadium, marking the end of the 13-day 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

Premier Li attends closing ceremony of 2nd Summer YOG

2014-08-28 22:39

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang attends the closing ceremony of the second Summer Youth Olympic Games, in Nanjing.

Premier Li gives all thumbs up to Youth Olympics volunteers

2014-08-28 21:30

"The Nanjing Olympic Games will come to a close and the flame will be extinguished today, but the flame that ignited the volunteering spirit in your heart will never be extinguished," Li said.

Premier Li visits volunteers of Summer Youth Olympic Games

2014-08-28 20:51

Premier Li attended the closing ceremony of the Games Thursday in Nanjing and visited the volunteers of the Games.

IOC President Bach gives all thumbs up to Nanjing Youth Olympics

2014-08-28 20:00

"We have seen an excellent organisation during this Youth Olympic Games from transport to communication to venue management." IOC President Bach said.

Youth Olympics relay provides the perfect mix of sports, fun

2014-08-28 06:59

The mixed team relay at the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games demonstrated on Tuesday how sport can transcend differences, bring people together and turn strangers into friends.

Wired to wow

2014-08-28 07:05

Students of major martial arts school endure tough training for high-wire act at Youth Olympics show.

Future stars emerged from Youth Olympics

2014-08-27 21:13

Who can make the world sports stars after the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games (YOG), which is staged for athletes aged 15-18 from around the world? Who can be the future Olympic champions?

Athletes being inspired for 'big Olympics', says Young Ambassador

2014-08-27 09:18

The Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games will inspire athletes to achieve higher goals, according to Young Ambassador and Olympian Monika Fasungova.

Yao makes a big impression at YOG Village

2014-08-26 12:03

Jaws dropped when Yao Ming strolled across the main square of the Youth Olympic Village on Monday. The youth Olympians could not stop staring at the towering basketball legend, one of the best-known sportsmen in China.

Closing with a flourish

2014-08-25 14:39

The closing ceremony of the Youth Olympic Games will feature eight distinct parts and each will have a theme like "Five Continents' celebrations", "City of Youth" and "Tomorrow", said Chen Weiya, chief director of the opening and closing ceremonies.

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