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Chinese American learns Chinese in Nanjing in search for roots

[2015-03-10 10:22]

"My ancestors were in China, and the Chinese language is the root of my language," said Destinee Hartman, 21, from Texas in the U.S. who just enjoyed her first Spring Festival holiday in Nanjing.

Lantern Festival celebrated around Jiangsu

[2015-03-09 14:22]

People celebrate lantern festival by creating thousands of spectacular and colorful lanterns, trying to solve the riddles on the lanterns, and eating yuanxiao (glutinous rice ball) in Jiangsu.

Suzhou mayor vows to bring back blue sky

[2015-03-09 14:11]

Suzhou will continue its efforts to fight pollution and bring back the blue sky, mayor Zhou Naixiang said at the ongoing plenary meeting of the National People’s Congress in Beijing on March 5.

Premier Li attends panel discussion with NPC deputies from Jiangsu

[2015-03-09 14:00]

Chinese premier Li Keqiang attended a panel discussion with deputies from Jiangsu province who take part in the 12th National People's Congress (NPC) during the third session of the 12th NPC, in Beijing March 7

Jiangsu to launch 1st non-stop flight route to America in June

[2015-03-06 17:57]

China Eastern Airlines is scheduled to launch a new non-stop flight route from Nanjing, Eastern China's Jiangsu province, to Los Angeles of the US starting from Jun 30, the first non-stop flight route from Jiangsu province of China to the American continent.

Four steps to make Suzhou festival lanterns

[2015-03-06 17:57]

Suzhou festival lanterns have a long-standing history and make particular appearance during China's Lantern Festival, which fell on March 5 this year. Wang Xiaowen, promoter of the intangible cultural heritage, will show you how to make a traditional hexagonal lantern.

Foreigners experience Lantern Festival customs with locals

[2015-03-06 17:57]

A group of foreign teachers from an international language club in Zhenjiang visit Yingjiang Road Community to enjoy the Chinese Lantern on Mar 4.

Jiangsu to complete 280k social housing in 2015

[2015-03-06 17:57]

Jiangsu will finish construction of 280,000 apartments as part of its social housing project in 2015, among which 35,360 houses will be built in Nanjing, according to Jiangsu Provincial Government on Mar 4.

CPPCC member suggests raising age cap for blood donors

[2015-03-06 17:57]

"I suggest raising the upper age limit of eligible blood donors from 55 to 60," Shen Jinjin, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Yancheng city, said at the ongoing 2015 "two sessions", annual legislative and political advisory sessions.

Singapore tourists visit Yangzhou on cruise

[2015-03-05 14:35]

More than 350 tourists from Singapore arrived at Yangzhou Port on the cruise Century Paragon, the first stop of its 10-day-long Yangtze River voyage across China.

Folk art show delights residents in Nanjing

[2015-03-05 14:35]

Folk artists from Nanjing, Suzhou and Wuxi presented a folk art feast to local residents at Nanjing’s Deji Plaza on Mar 3.

Wuxi village official attends NPC with her baby

[2015-03-05 14:26]

As a deputy from Jiangsu province to the Third Session of the 12th National People's Congress, Zhu Hong, a village official from Wuxi city, has been allowed to take breaks to breastfeed her four-month-old son amid intense meeting schedules.

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