French expats set up Chinese language school

2011-07-10 09:37:02

When new arrivals first land in the Middle Kingdom, arguably the most different aspect of local life is the language.

Hurd uses history to predict China's future

2011-07-10 09:30:13

Former British foreign secretary Douglas Hurd does not believe the economic rise of China represents a threat to the rest of the world.

Melody of life

2011-07-10 09:29:08

When circumstance put an end to Julien Gaudfroy's first great love, the former musician discovered his passion for the Chinese language.

Student defies parents to donate

2011-07-09 07:56:13

Wearing a white shirt and camouflage trousers, 20-year-old Tian Qiang seemed a little nervous as the hour hand inched toward 8 am on Friday.

From timid teenager to tough rugby skipper

2011-07-08 07:21:52

It has been written that rugby is a sport for thugs played by gentlemen. Liu Yan is neither, but that has not stopped her from attempting to take the game to another level in China.

Zhu may be in line for senior post at IMF

2011-07-08 08:25:14

Zhu Min, special advisor to the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, brought the view of emerging markets to this important institution.

Lighting way for solar power

2011-07-07 07:06:12

Zhao Chunjiang's dream is that one day every rooftop in this eastern metropolis will have a solar power generator.

All aboard new career

2011-06-21 08:27:24

Guo Chaonan's childhood dream was to fly the skies. Instead she'll be riding the rails.

Maggie Cheung receives degree in Scotland

2011-07-02 18:17:16

One of modern cinema's greatest Chinese actresses, Maggie Cheung, received an honorary degree from the University of Edinburgh on Friday.

Health writer Ma under investigation

2011-07-02 09:52:30

Residents are calling for a reliable source of heath information since health authorities in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, launched an investigation this week of the once-popular health writer Ma Yueling.

American calls Chinese birthplace his real home

2011-07-01 08:18:29

Many consider some American-born Chinese as "banana people", who are viewed as "yellow outside but white inside".

Teaching sounds of music

2011-07-01 07:15:28

Malan village is not marked on the country's national map, nor even on the provincial map of Hebei, for that matter.