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Cost of restructuring bearable

[2016-03-02 07:54]

Since China has made clear its resolve to promote the restructuring of sectors plagued by excessive overcapacity, there has been speculation at home and abroad whether the country will launch a new round of large-scale layoffs from factories.

Calming troubled seas with claimant parties

[2016-03-01 09:18]

The troubles in the East and South China seas are equal parts competing for territorial claims and the deficiency of mutual distrust. One-on-one negotiations are thus essential to calm the increasingly muddy waters of the West Pacific.

Poisoning of Taiwan's politics

[2016-03-01 09:18]

In the countdown to when newly elected Taiwan leader Tsai Ying-wen is due to take office in May, separatists on the island seem to be accelerating their activities aimed at "de-sinification".

Collective actions key to global economic recovery

[2016-02-29 07:34]

Against the backdrop of global capital and currency market turbulences, it was crucial the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors, who met in Shanghai over the weekend, agree to take concerted actions to combat downside risks and restore investor confidence.

Anti-terrorism collaboration

[2016-02-29 07:34]

When answering questions about terrorism in China on Friday, an anti-terrorism expert with the Ministry of Public Security summarized terrorism's penetration in the country as increasingly severe and the anti-terror situation as very grave.

US militarizing South China Sea

[2016-02-26 07:35]

On issues concerning national sovereignty, the Chinese military will follow the will of its people.

Stay alert to DPP's latest 'pro-independence' move

[2016-02-26 07:19]

The attempt to eliminate Dr Sun's image as well as his influence from Taiwan's political life is like playing with fire.

Vigilance over big-city realty rates

[2016-02-25 07:24]

At a time when the government is promoting real estate destocking in small cities, the recent surge in property prices in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, presents policymakers with something of a dilemma.

Top diplomats' concerted notes serve region well

[2016-02-25 07:12]

Since denuclearization is the consensus and a negotiated outcome is in the best interests of all, they should strive to make sure the next UN resolution is able to rein in Pyongyang's nuclear program.

Open residential roads by law

[2016-02-24 07:25]

The government has its own role to play if the opening of such roads is essential to the smooth flow of traffic for a specific part of a city.

Beijing not being led astray by TPP intentions

[2016-02-24 07:14]

From Washington to Beijing, signs of ambivalence abound in the discourse about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Market to set rail ticket prices

[2016-02-23 07:17]

While "bullet" trains should be allowed to set ticket price based on market demand, the government should also take into account public interest.

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