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Japan's attitude toward the war makes a difference

[2015-03-09 07:40]

Japan lost the war against the allied forces 70 years ago, but it should not lose its conscience on the question of the war 70 years later.

Ecological civilization

[2015-03-06 08:21]

Xi's remark shows China's resolve to tackle its pollution problems and its determination to build an ecological civilization.

Slower growth, but healthier economy

[2015-03-06 07:59]

By lowering its 2015 growth target to "around 7 percent", the government has apparently given in to the intensifying downward pressures.

Sessions signal more reforms

[2015-03-05 08:13]

This year there are more expectations for reforms in China given that it marks a crucial year for deepening reforms.

Legislature responds to people's concerns

[2015-03-05 07:47]

As ever, many are expecting that the brainstorming among NPC deputies will bring substantial changes to specific government policies.

Building strong governance

[2015-03-04 08:32]

History proves that the Chinese nation must have strong leadership, which is now irreplaceably provided by the ruling Party, if it wants prosperity.

Sessions to strengthen supervision of SOEs

[2015-03-04 08:16]

The inspection of nine SOEs by central inspection teams in 2014 has uncovered serious abuse of power in different forms by SOE executives.

Rule of law key to prosperity

[2015-03-03 08:23]

To comprehensively push for the rule of law in a country like China that has had a millenniums-old tradition of rule of man requires an extensive and profound change of mindset.

Separatist sections lack any legitimacy in HK

[2015-03-03 07:35]

HK will risk losing the role of being a bridge between China and foreign countries and becoming marginalized if it is plagued by confrontational politics by radical sections.

Reform resolve is unshakable

[2015-03-02 07:40]

The Party under Xi is well-aware that today's reforms are not to deal with challenges alone, but also to better grasp emerging opportunities.

Documentary on smog by individual insightful

[2015-03-02 07:35]

The government needs to be pushed for more action and people need to have their awareness raised about what they can do to fight against pollution.

Officials falsifying files unforgivable

[2015-02-27 08:18]

To falsify or tamper with the information on the personal files of officials is undoubtedly a form of corruption.

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