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Military paper conveys defensive commitment

[2015-05-27 07:33]

For those who still harbor such sentiments, China's defense white papers have provided consistent clarification that China's military policy is defensive in nature.

New challenge, new chances

[2015-05-27 07:33]

To turn the concept of intelligent manufacturing into reality in this country, an innovative way of thinking is needed along with some technological breakthroughs.

Legislators should work together for HK's progress

[2015-05-26 07:45]

If the proposed constitutional reform package is voted down, it means there will be more political infighting within the opposition camp.

China-Japan friendship based on people's exchanges

[2015-05-25 07:44]

President Xi Jinping's speech on people-to-people exchanges between China and Japan marks the latest effort by China to get Sino-Japanese ties back on the right track.

Abe still playing his games over history

[2015-05-22 07:44]

Japan is under unprecedented pressure from both the region and the entire world to squarely face up to its past

Boost 'made in China' to a higher level

[2015-05-21 07:53]

A healthy national economy cannot go without robust manufacturing. But "innovation-driven" manufacturing entails a lot more than political will.

Medical reform calls for efforts and wisdom

[2015-05-20 07:47]

What is urgently needed is a thorough investigation of some particular hospital by the planners to find out where the problems are and then work out a plan that can be piloted with the hospital.

Support for reform plan overwhelming

[2015-05-19 07:54]

The opposition camp knows well universal suffrage is what most Hong Kong people want. They also know it is in the best interests of the SAR.

Mutual trust vital to China-US relations

[2015-05-18 07:46]

The US and China do have differences and even contradictions. But it would be stupid to allow them to stand in the way of sound interactions.

Do not obscure reason for atomic bombing

[2015-05-15 07:53]

To wipe the historical slate clean of Japan's wartime atrocities, they not only refuse to apologize, they instead accuse the victim countries of being unforgiving.

US' double-dealing risky

[2015-05-15 07:53]

Should the US send its naval vessels to the waters near China's island building area, it would create a potential flashpoint.

Neighbors can usher in the Asian century

[2015-05-14 08:00]

It is beyond doubt the Chinese dragon and the Indian elephant will work together for the early revitalization of two civilizations.

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