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Screening out bad assets

[2014-06-18 07:37]

It is time to screen out the bad assets and lower the costs of financing, to ensure that efficient enterprises survive and thrive.

For a fairer judiciary

[2014-06-17 08:14]

No matter where the judge is and no matter whether he or she is still on the same position, he or she will be held accountable for any miscarriage of justice.

Abe adheres to abnormality

[2014-06-17 08:14]

The Foreign Affairs Committee of Japan's House of Representatives last week adopted a resolution criticizing China's drilling operations off the Xisha Islands, claiming they are exacerbating tensions in the South China Sea.

US guilty of Iraq crisis

[2014-06-16 08:21]

Clearly what the US is concerned about is not the stability of Iraq or the wellbeing of the Iraqi people but whether the jihadists will pose a real threat to the US.

Getting garbage sorted

[2014-06-16 08:21]

To ensure people get into the habit of sorting their garbage, the government needs to play a bigger role and establish a punishment and reward system.

Attitude toward history

[2014-06-13 08:39]

China also wants the bitter memory to be part of the documentary records included in the Memory of the World Program so the world can reflect on the war.

Innovation tops academy reform

[2014-06-13 08:39]

President Xi Jinping emphasized that innovation should be the main direction for China's science and technology research.

Correct understanding of HK policy

[2014-06-12 08:12]

Put forward by the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in the early 1980s, the policy ensured Hong Kong's smooth return to the motherland in 1997, and along with the Basic Law, it has enabled Hong Kong to remain stable and continue to prosper.

More headwinds ahead

[2014-06-12 08:12]

A stronger sense of responsibility and urgency is badly needed for Chinese policymakers to achieve this year's economic growth target as the downward pressure will likely remain heavy for the rest of the year.

Cooperating on common dream

[2014-06-11 08:09]

China and India can put aside their differences on such thorny issues as their border dispute to make sure they will not hinder the partnership and friendship between the two countries.

Two scoundrels acting tough

[2014-06-11 08:09]

A football game between the two armies on an island controlled by Vietnam in the South China Sea on Sunday is the latest shameless farce the two countries have staged.

Exchanges between peoples

[2014-06-10 08:10]

Only by expanding the channels for people-to-people exchanges and visits between them will more people on both sides become aware that the bilateral friendship is in the interests of both countries.

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