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Exam questions remain

[2014-09-09 07:16]

The latest rerorm to the Gaokao, or national college entrance examinations, will be the biggest-ever change to the way students are enrolled by universities since 1978.

Wake-up call for media

[2014-09-05 07:24]

The criminal investigation into the website's "particularly big" blackmailing scheme sounds especially unsettling because it involves one of the most influential business media outlets.

Rid the media of corruption

[2014-09-05 07:24]

Paid news related to IPOs has been rampant since the startup board was introduced in 2009. When preparing to be listed on the board, companies hope to avoid negative news.

Red Cross needs real reform

[2014-09-04 07:25]

A new person at the help should certainly bring something different to the infamous Red Cross Society of China.

Just show it has changed

[2014-09-04 07:25]

When Zhao Baige took over as the presiding executive of the Red Cross Society of China, both she and the other executives had underestimated the efforts needed to regain public trust for the group.

Martyrs live in our memories

[2014-09-03 08:44]

It is a good move to publish a list of the names of martyrs, but almost all of those listed in the first group were officials with certain ranks.

Respect to all national heroes

[2014-09-03 08:44]

On Monday, more than 90 Kuomintang generals and other officers were listed among the 300 martyrs and heroic groups of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.

See bigger corruption picture

[2014-09-02 07:35]

That four key officials of a single province were placed under investigation during the past week alone can be seen as a barometer for the momentum of the current anti-graft fight.

Let market decide in mining

[2014-09-02 07:35]

Among the many causes of the rampant corruption in Shanxi, one of the most important is power's decisive and unbridled role in allocating the province's rich coal-mining resources.

Ban cigarette ads in all forms

[2014-09-01 07:22]

The standing Committee of the National People's Congress is debating whether the Advertisement Law should be amended to ban all cigarette ads.

A critical decision to make

[2014-09-01 07:22]

The people of Hong Kong have a critical decision to make: to embrace a hitherto unprecedented level of democracy, or the disruptive, reckless political gamble to be staged by the radicals.

Oversight of approval process

[2014-08-29 07:39]

An essential part of government authority in China lies in the long lists and complicated procedures for matters subject to examination and approval.

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