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Long road ahead for US-Cuba ties after visit

[2016-03-22 07:24]

Washington's overtures to Havana today are in themselves an admission that decades of US endeavors to maneuver "regime change" in Cuba have failed.

Misjudgment of ratings agency

[2016-03-22 07:24]

China's long-term economic development trend will not be swayed by prejudiced and non-objective opinions from any international ratings agency.

No need to exaggerate economic headwinds

[2016-03-21 07:08]

Despite the challenges, China is determined to keep GDP growth at a minimum of 6.5 percent this year while pressing ahead with economic restructuring.

US actions danger to itself

[2016-03-21 07:08]

Washington should know that the more provocative moves it makes against China, the more counter-measures Beijing will take.

Present status best for Hong Kong's future

[2016-03-18 07:44]

Maintaining the current constitutional status is the best way for Hong Kong to remain the free economy and prosperous trade hub it is today.

Reform to help tap development potential

[2016-03-17 07:24]

Li assured us he is optimistic about the long-term prospects for the economy, and that his confidence "does not come from nowhere".

Support for Myanmar's leadership

[2016-03-17 07:24]

China is willing to help its neighbor stabilize the domestic situation and push forward its economic development, not least because these are also in China's interests.

Rather than threats, peninsula needs talks

[2016-03-16 07:31]

The vicious circle at work on the Korean Peninsula, whereby each side blames the other for being provocative while speaking and acting provocatively, is dangerous.

Judicial center will serve all

[2016-03-16 07:31]

The establishment of a maritime judicial center is aimed at more effectively dealing with these cases and promoting domestic law enforcement.

West's name-calling only intensifies contradictions

[2016-03-15 07:37]

A face-off like this forebodes a tough time ahead, and risks throwing the China-West dialogue on human rights back to its starting point.

Racist remarks smell of gunpowder

[2016-03-15 07:37]

The negative influence Trump's campaign has had in the US and beyond is enough to testify to the existence of some latent problems in the US election system.

No progress is small in protecting rights and law

[2016-03-14 08:16]

The concept of human rights was unthinkable prior to the beginning of China's reform and opening-up, when the legal system and its professional staff were practically nonexistent.

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