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Steady pursuit of peace, but ready for anything

[2016-04-25 07:32]

Since real solutions rest ultimately on agreements between China and claimant countries, Beijing should work harder to seek breakthroughs through one-on-one negotiations.

Pact holds out promise of climate-friendly future

[2016-04-22 07:19]

The signing of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change by world leaders in the UN headquarters in New York on Friday will be a milestone in global joint efforts to combat the common threat faced by mankind.

Joint cross-Straits actions only way to curb scams

[2016-04-21 07:17]

The visit by Taiwan judicial officials to the mainland, which started on Wednesday, was the first step in the right direction for the joint cross-Straits fight against telecommunication fraud.

Joint probe to find truth behind school pollution

[2016-04-19 07:29]

Nearly 500 students have reportedly been diagnosed with health problems since the Changzhou Foreign Languages School moved to its current campus in September.

US' words and actions not conducive to reduce tension

[2016-04-18 07:13]

Along with its military aid to its allies, the US' displays of military might are only making the situation more complicated and volatile.

Carter sends wrong message

[2016-04-15 07:25]

The clearest is the US military intends to strengthen its presence in the South China Sea, which poses more threats to regional peace and stability.

Short-term changes pave way for long-term reform

[2016-04-15 07:16]

With statisticians reporting good news about many aspects of the Chinese economy, one can be almost certain it will encounter fewer storms than last year.

Stronger vaccine supervision to help restore confidence

[2016-04-14 07:13]

The government's swift response to the issues raised by the scandal shows it has been quick to learn the lessons and is resolved to never compromise on issues concerning people's health.

Manila's move shows it is the real provocateur

[2016-04-13 07:16]

China has always opposed the Philippines for its illegal occupation of its islands, and any construction projects on them will not consolidate Manila's illegal claim to sovereignty.

G7 on wrong course following lead of Japan

[2016-04-12 07:21]

A statement issued after the G7 foreign ministers' meeting can be interpreted as veiled criticism of China for being the cause of the increased tensions in the region.

Uncivilized behavior by passengers unacceptable

[2016-04-11 07:14]

For the first time, airline passengers have been blacklisted for uncivilized behavior.

Tsai should rein in her party's extremists

[2016-04-08 07:59]

Tsai should waste no time in reining in the extremists within her party from making further provocative moves as they are jeopardizing the improvement in relations achieved under the eight years of Kuomintang rule.

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