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HK opposition cries wolf over fictional abductions

[2016-06-21 07:28]

On Monday, Leung Chun-ying, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, publicly addressed the controversy surrounding the "disappearance" of the co-owners of Causeway Bay Bookstore, which is known to sell "political publications" banned on the mainland.

Voice of reason in foreign relations will be missed

[2016-06-20 07:32]

Prominent former diplomat Wu Jianmin's abrupt departure is a tremendous loss not only to his beloved ones, but also Chinese diplomacy.

Balancing the police's need to check IDs with people's rights

[2016-06-17 07:30]

In this particular case, people care more about whether there will be serious follow-up moves to rein in abusive officers, and ensure that when a police officer asks a citizen to produce their ID card, they do so in accordance with the law.

Further reform to earn stock index recognition

[2016-06-16 07:36]

Reactions have varied to the news that MSCI, a US-based provider of capital market indexes, decided to delay inclusion of the Chinese domestic A-share market in its emerging market index.

Dialogue can pave way for solving sea disputes

[2016-06-15 07:31]

Twenty-five years after they launched their formal dialogue mechanisms, China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have found themselves better off thanks to closer communication.

Lessons to be learned from lone wolf attack

[2016-06-14 07:17]

Lone wolf attacks like these may be very difficult to monitor or prevent. But such tragedies do raise the question of how to reduce the likelihood for troubled, angry members of society to make a statement in the form of violence.

Rule of law also requires disciplined law enforcers

[2016-06-13 07:29]

We do not know how the whole drama would have ended had the victims not secretly recorded that video clip of their tense argument with the abusive police officer. Or that clip had not become an internet sensation over the past few days.

Differences should not be excuse for confrontation

[2016-06-08 07:18]

From the international supply glut to currency policy to the South China Sea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, United States envoys to the annual Sino-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue conveyed a fairly long list of concerns.

A stage for cooperation, not an arena for conflict

[2016-06-07 07:09]

The annual China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue, the eighth of its kind, comes as a timely reminder that despite bitter bickering and their frequent exchange of barbs over the South China Sea.

Seeing beyond the viewpoint of conflict may be a way out

[2016-06-06 07:10]

Neither the Chinese nor the United States military backed off from where they stood in previous exchanges over the South China Sea issue.

Long delayed apology for WWII slave labor

[2016-06-03 08:46]

By refusing to take any responsibility for the wartime forced labor, the Japanese courts have continually rubbed salt into the wounds.

Investigation into police can ensure justice prevails

[2016-06-02 07:51]

This move can be considered a step closer to uncovering the truth of how Lei Yang lost his life on the evening of May 7 in northern Beijing's Changping district.

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