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More and less at year-end

[2014-12-31 07:48]

Several cities in the country have installed quota control mechanisms to limit automobile ownership in order to reduce air pollution.

Find the missing jet first

[2014-12-30 07:55]

It is still too early to say that all passengers and crew on board the plane have perished, although an Indonesian official said the missing jet could be at the bottom of the sea.

Change in local mentality

[2014-12-29 07:33]

A clause in the draft of the law stipulates that a local government cannot make rules that infringe upon people's rights unless it is authorized to do so by the local people's congress.

Happy seasonal spending

[2014-12-26 09:58]

They love Christmas not because they love Jesus, but because it gives them one more excuse to hang out with loved ones, and to entertain and reward themselves.

Focus on farmers' well-being

[2014-12-25 07:39]

A new countryside in terms of villagers was put forward at the Central Rural Work Conference that concluded on Tuesday.

Ethnic policy rests on equality

[2014-12-24 08:02]

The text promises profound changes to the country's approach to ethnic affairs and may help make true the long-standing promise to deliver good governance in areas inhabited by ethnic minorities.

Rules for realty registration

[2014-12-23 08:16]

What the registration system intends to achieve is the integration of the information about housing and other immovable properties in a single register.

Shame of discrimination

[2014-12-22 07:46]

Narrowing down the social space for people with HIV/AIDS to lead a normal life by discriminating against them may probably backfire.

Obama opens historic door

[2014-12-19 07:28]

By turning a game of no winner into one where everyone wins, Obama may find this one of, if not the, most memorable legacies of his presidency.

Truth reveals judicial holes

[2014-12-18 09:04]

Without finding out the entire truth about this tragedy and having the judicial loopholes plugged, there is no way to prevent similar injustices in the future.

Close eye on 'naked officials'

[2014-12-17 07:34]

More than 3,200 such officials have so far notified the authorities as being in such conditions and more than 1,000 of them have been moved to unimportant positions.

No late recovery of justice

[2014-12-16 08:49]

For a judicial system, protecting innocent people from being wrongly penalized with procedural justice is just as important as bringing criminals to justice.

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