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Only trade growth will define merits of TPP: Opinion

[2015-10-08 07:38]

The ambitious pact of 12 Pacific Rim countries may reshape industries and liberalize commerce in 40 percent of the world's economy.

Russia can help defeat the IS

[2015-10-08 07:38]

With Moscow and Washington showing growing interests this week to coordinate their moves in Syria, it is hoped the fall of the IS will come sooner rather than later.

Inactive officials a drain on the national economy

[2015-09-30 08:04]

There is no reason for officials who get paid from public funds but do not fulfill their duties.

An example of market's role

[2015-09-30 08:04]

The swift action of the ministry can serve as a good example that there is really no insurmountable obstacle on the way to the simplification of procedures.

Helping fight global poverty

[2015-09-29 08:35]

To win the global war against poverty, the international community has the urgent duty, as does China, to help the developing countries find the key that matches each one's lock.

UN must enhance role in peace and stability

[2015-09-29 08:09]

To cope with the changing global realities, the role of the United Nations must be strengthened, because a stronger UN can shoulder more responsibilities and bring countries closer to build a better future for all.

When China and US join hands, the world benefits

[2015-09-28 08:05]

Sino-US agreements on matters of broader concerns, climate change and development cooperation in particular, added a global dimension to the visit.

Ushering in a better world

[2015-09-28 08:05]

As the world mulls the post-2015 development agenda, China's perception of equitable and common development will help fight inequality and injustice to usher in a better world for all.

A blow to the green mission

[2015-09-25 07:37]

Global leaders should condemn such corporate cheating because it has weakened our fight against emissions.

Mutual assurance vital to controlling damage

[2015-09-25 07:37]

It will take a lot of doing for Washington to believe Beijing has no intention of challenging or superseding the US.

Britain and China set a good example for bilateral ties

[2015-09-24 07:58]

The two sides signed 53 agreements including nuclear energy, railway and an expanded currency swap line during George Osborne's visit to China.

Ready to take the green road

[2015-09-24 07:58]

Having suffered from worsening traffic jams and air pollution and with growing knowledge of the environment, most Beijing residents will cooperate with the authorities to make the city greener.

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