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Tightening vaccine control

[2016-05-23 07:40]

Only intensified vaccine supervision and management can help regain the public's confidence in domestic vaccines.

Tsai's inaugural speech leaves crucial Straits questions unanswered

[2016-05-21 08:05]

As anticipated, the new leader of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen resorted to rhetorical ambiguity in her inauguration speech.

US military snooping is more than impolite

[2016-05-20 07:02]

To peep into other's courtyard uninvited is at best impolite; to criticize the host for objecting to such behavior compounds the injury.

Short, but a constructive meeting nonetheless

[2016-05-19 07:06]

Only with reason and pragmatism can the members of Hong Kong's opposition camp engage in constructive discussion on any issue regarding the SAR's future.

High-level visit to HK to 'observe, listen and speak'

[2016-05-18 07:04]

Whoever speaks with him should take full advantage of this opportunity to present to the NPC chairman their aspirations for the development of the SAR.

Sino-US communication can dispel misperceptions

[2016-05-17 07:11]

The text of the Pentagon's report on China's military and security developments has already provoked "strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition" from Beijing.

New Japanese ambassador a welcome choice for ties

[2016-05-16 07:13]

There appears to be an unannounced consensus that China-Japan relations have sailed past their most difficult time in decades and are on the mend, albeit slowly.

Obama's Hiroshima visit at risk of being hijacked

[2016-05-13 07:37]

The White House has officially announced that US President Barack Obama will visit Hiroshima on May 27, the first-ever such visit to the city by a sitting US president.

Crucial for judiciary to determine how man died

[2016-05-12 07:33]

What happened between the police and 29-year-old Lei Yang on Saturday night? The entire truth about Lei's death is indispensable if justice is not only done but seen to be done in this case.

Kim will find it hard to pursue twin goals at once

[2016-05-11 07:32]

Besides officially crowning Kim Jong-un as supreme leader, the just-concluded party congress of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea offered the rest of the world a rare glimpse of the country's actual policy orientations.

Lesson for Baidu means renewal for the internet

[2016-05-10 07:34]

For over a week now, the largest Chinese search engine has been a target of public questioning and debate for its possible role in the death of Wei Zexi.

Hong Kong a 'US overseas territory'? That's a joke

[2016-05-09 07:29]

The term "overseas territory" may remind people of Puerto Rico, the latest addition to US territories supposedly by popular choice, which many local residents are already regretting. In Hong Kong's case, however, even Washington knows pigs don't fly.

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