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Playing a big country role with an inclusive mind

[2015-03-30 07:45]

With its inclusive approach, China is not afraid of its initiatives or policies being misinterpreted.

Market to drive innovation

[2015-03-30 07:45]

The State Council vowed to break the ideological and institutional barriers that obstruct system innovations and tap the potential of society.

Worthwhile efforts to bring fugitives to justice

[2015-03-27 07:37]

China's resolve to do whatever it can to convince these countries of the economic crimes and abuse of power these fugitives have committed is unshakable.

Ecological civilization shapes nation's future

[2015-03-26 07:37]

By following a path of "greening", China will also set an example for other developing countries and contribute to global sustainable development.

Budget airlines in spotlight

[2015-03-26 07:37]

Given that budget airlines are the choice of many passengers, their operators need to ensure they keep accidents to a minimum.

Interest in AIIB shows China winning friends

[2015-03-25 07:55]

That the planned Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is winning wider support in the world arena underscores the international community's common desire for development and strong willingness to cooperate.

Lee Kuan Yew's legacy meaningful for China

[2015-03-24 08:11]

Reviewing what Lee Kuan Yew has done for his own country, we should have more confidence in sticking to our own culture and philosophy.

Facing history squarely prerequisite for better ties

[2015-03-23 08:19]

Sincerely apologizing and atoning for the war crimes Japanese militarists committed during the war is also imperative if Japan is to regain its neighbors' trust.

Shared destiny awareness

[2015-03-23 08:19]

The 2015 Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference to open on Thursday will push Asian countries to take further steps toward building a "community of shared destiny.

Only serving the public will rebuild govt image

[2015-03-20 07:38]

Since the lack of public confidence is a universal truth, how the MOT respond to it is of great importance to the credibility of the entire system.

World willing to work with China

[2015-03-20 07:38]

The "Four Comprehensives" strategy marks a milestone choice made by China to boost its systemic, overall and coordinated development and governance after its economic buildup.

Goals go beyond star players

[2015-03-19 07:52]

China may have the world's largest population of soccer fans, but the number of its professional soccer players is small.

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