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Plug loopholes in college exam

[2014-07-16 07:42]

By obtaining 10 to 20 extra points, children of powerful and wealthy families deprive some disadvantaged students of the opportunity to attend university.

Violence breeds violence

[2014-07-15 08:25]

The international community can exhaust every possibility to maneuver a cease-fire. But it is up to the Israelis and Palestinians to work on ending their hostilities, cause and effect of the long standoff.

Targeting roots of corruption

[2014-07-14 07:23]

With 16 vice-ministerial or higher level government officials placed under investigation for abuse of power in the past more than six months and no sign of such momentum subsiding, no one can doubt the top leadership's resolve to tackle corruption.

Abbott is clearly shortsighted

[2014-07-11 07:05]

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's four-day visit to Australia this week, ending on Thursday, has culminated in political drama thanks to his host.

Dedicated to new relationship

[2014-07-10 07:26]

Washington's support for the true troublemakers, on the other hand, has convinced many that it is plotting to contain a rising China.

Dialogue to disperse suspicions

[2014-07-09 07:29]

The new type of major-country relationship, once a favored catchphrase of well-wishers, is no longer what it was immediately after the meeting between the Chinese and US presidents last summer.

Attitude to the war matters

[2014-07-08 07:27]

History is the best textbook. That is what President Xi Jinping said at the ceremony to mark the 77th anniversary of the Chinese People's War Against Japanese Aggression on Monday.

Security on public transit

[2014-07-07 07:10]

The news that the bus fire in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, on Saturday, which injured 32 people, was started deliberately has once again raised concerns about bus security.

Necessary anniversary

[2014-07-07 07:10]

All members of China's leadership are expected to attend the ceremony to mark the 77th anniversary of the War Against Japanese Aggression on Monday.

Truth about Japan's atrocities

[2014-07-04 08:40]

In order to achieve the status of being a "normal country", the Shinzo Abe administration in Japan has been doing everything it can to bury the country's criminal war record.

Rectifications needed, not excuses

[2014-07-04 08:40]

What the public anticipates most following the annual auditing furor is how the exposed problems will be rectified or resolved, rather than some vague explanations or defensive denials.

Fighting online soccer gambling

[2014-07-03 07:52]

In response to illegal soccer gambling during the World Cup period, the Ministry of Public Security recently issued an urgent notice demanding a severe crackdown on online gambling.

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