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Nation must be alert to middle-income trap

[2015-04-28 07:49]

We are not falling into the trap yet. But to avoid ending up there, plenty of changes must be made.

Nepalese people are not alone in fighting the quake

[2015-04-27 07:39]

China will do whatever it can to help its neighbor and so will most of the countries in the rest of the world.

Abe's shortsightedness still the sticking point

[2015-04-24 07:48]

If the Abe administration hangs to its short-sighted policy toward China-Japan ties, it will be difficult to translate the symbolic meeting into a real thaw in bilateral ties.

Bandung Spirit is still needed today

[2015-04-23 07:52]

The Belt and Road are international trade and infrastructure projects which will thread Asia, Europe and Africa together.

Milestone for HK democracy

[2015-04-23 07:52]

Selecting the chief executive by "one person, one vote" is the common aspiration of the central authorities, the SAR government and the HK people.

Grain security system needs reevaluation

[2015-04-22 07:38]

As a historically agrarian society, China attaches overwhelming significance to food security.

Xi in Pakistan to work for real mutual benefits

[2015-04-21 08:01]

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor cannot fail because it serves some of the two countries' most pressing needs.

Water action plan vital to the country's future

[2015-04-20 08:49]

Calls for the upgrading of equipment for factories to treat polluted water before discharging it have often fallen on deaf ears in the past.

AIIB complementary to existing institutions

[2015-04-17 07:49]

The AIIB thus ushers in a new perspective for its stakeholders to better benefit from Asia's development and build a future of common development with countries in the region.

Economy to flourish after 'between harvests' period

[2015-04-16 07:45]

No one should doubt the sincerity of China's efforts to seek new ways of economic growth. And no one should doubt that these efforts will yield a good harvest.

'Belt and Road' should be collective endeavor

[2015-04-15 08:13]

Given the mutually beneficial nature of the Belt and Road Initiative, it should never be approached as a Chinese project.

Rice seed failure calls for official investigation

[2015-04-14 07:07]

It goes without saying that a thorough investigation headed by experts and officials from the Ministry of Agriculture is badly needed.

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