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One small cross-Straits step

[2014-06-26 07:50]

Against the noises and tricks trumpeting sentiment against the mainland and cross-Straits cooperation on the island, may Zhang's visit clear confusions and boost mutual trust between the two sides.

Confucius teaches culture

[2014-06-25 07:10]

In a recent statement, the AAUP called on universities to cease their cooperation with the Confucius institutes, saying the institutes are "ignoring" academic freedom.

A dangerous double act

[2014-06-25 07:10]

Neither Abe's claim of a "rule-based approach" to dispute resolution, nor Aquino's attempt at "international arbitration" changes the illicit nature of their provocative moves against China.

Tokyo's despicable denial

[2014-06-24 07:12]

Abe and his increasingly assertive cabinet should be reminded that any kind of stigmatization of the Kono Statement, which is another bald-faced denial of history, is doomed to failure.

Focus on food safety

[2014-06-24 07:12]

Given the rampancy of tacit rules within and beyond food producers, the implementation of this amendment will hardly be a plain sailing.

Dog meat not the question

[2014-06-23 07:31]

Tolerance and a rational attitude should be shown by both sides. They can disagree with each other, but they should both learn to respect the rights of the other.

Inclusive political dialogue needed

[2014-06-23 07:31]

The international community should rally behind the government as it clamps down on the growing terrorism and religious extremism inside Iraq, and help the Iraqis rebuild their country.

Abe must honor statement

[2014-06-20 07:21]

Abe should make a wise decision and not undermine the statement so as to avoid further alienating Japan from the rest of the countries in the region.

A matter of moral principle

[2014-06-20 07:21]

To what extent the fairness of the national college entrance examinations has been undermined is a question that needs to be answered.

Hanoi needs amending deeds

[2014-06-19 07:07]

Since all the recent troubles derive from Hanoi's miscalculations and unwarranted provocations, the current standoff will not see a peaceful end without Hanoi correcting its approach.

PLA fights corruption

[2014-06-19 07:07]

History tells us that corruption is a fatal disease to any military force and the People's Liberation Army of China is determined to root it out.

People unite against terror

[2014-06-18 07:37]

The fight against terrorism has yielded fruitful results in the autonomous region in recent days since local residents have been mobilized to contribute to the campaign by providing information about terrorist activities.

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