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Chasing corrupt officials

[2014-08-18 07:44]

The pressure has never been greater to block corrupt officials from fleeing overseas and bring to justice those who have already fled overseas and are enjoying a peaceful life with the booty they have taken with them.

Behind herb's name change

[2014-08-15 07:32]

There have been instances of rule-makers intentionally leaving loopholes in the rules for some enterprises to get unjustifiable profits.

Barb reflects badly on US

[2014-08-14 07:49]

US president probably didn't anticipate his interview with The New York Times, in which China was mentioned only on the sidelines, would stir up such an exasperated response across the Pacific

Government not above law

[2014-08-13 07:32]

This country's long tradition of political centralization has cultivated big and strong governments that tend to place their own wills above the law.

Law applies to chengguan

[2014-08-12 09:12]

Chengguan officers as law enforcers are supposed to know how to behave and to fulfill their duties in accordance with the law.

Buildings to withstand quakes

[2014-08-11 07:42]

There is no technology advanced enough to forecast a quake, but it should not be difficult to tell which places are on a seismic belt and therefore might be hit by a quake at some point.

A sound info environment

[2014-08-08 07:31]

A public information provider, must be responsible for the impact information has on those who receive it and society at large.

Fairness to be protected

[2014-08-07 07:00]

Anti-trust probes of a number of multinational companies are a necessary service to protect Chinese consumers and the market.

Joint efforts against Ebola

[2014-08-06 07:04]

As the death toll continues to rise, and the fear of Ebola spreads like the deadly virus itself, broader international involvement is imperative to prevent it from wreaking further havoc.

Lesson from lethal accident

[2014-08-05 08:04]

It was only a matter of time before there was an accident such as the deadly explosion in a factory in Kunshan that killed 75 workers.

Iron hand toward terror

[2014-08-04 07:33]

Enough awareness must be attached to the severity and complexity of the terrorism situation in the Xinjiang Urgur autonomous region.

Real concern for petitioners

[2014-08-01 07:32]

What the seven pesticide drinkers and the old lady did points to the lack of a mechanism to measure how well a local government is addressing local residents' grievances.

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