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Soft environment to help attract overseas talents

[2015-02-12 07:38]

In a routine annual meeting with foreign experts working in China, Premier Li Keqiang promised an engaging "soft environment" at home for overseas talents.

Party guarantees rule of law

[2015-02-12 07:38]

To promote the rule of law is to further consolidate the Party's leadership and improve its governing capability, and thus ensure the nation's lasting stability and safety.

High fine for Qualcomm promotes fair competition

[2015-02-11 07:47]

There is no need to misinterpret the $975 million fine as anything but a justifiable penalty for undermining fair competition.

Sustainable global growth

[2015-02-11 07:47]

The international community should join hands to explore new specific, practical and sustainable development on the basis of the Millennium Development Goals.

It is urgent to fight corruption in SOEs

[2015-02-10 07:37]

Absolute power without effective supervision and accountability for leaders of State-owned enterprises is an invitation to absolute corruption

Examples for rule of law

[2015-02-10 07:37]

All officials should remember that the law is the basis for the power they hold in their hands.

Managing differences key to US-China ties

[2015-02-09 08:04]

The atmosphere of a relaxed stroll Xi and his US counterpart enjoyed in the Zhongnanhai Compound is what we expect will help this visit to further China-US ties.

Officials are not above law

[2015-02-09 08:04]

Leading officials can play both a propulsive or obstructive role in the country's legal construction. They should put themselves under the rule of law.

Stars should use fame well

[2015-02-06 07:56]

Public cultural figures should refrain from using their fame as a shortcut to special interests, a stepping stone to malpractices or even an umbrella for corruption and crimes.

Spring Festival rush goes beyond transport

[2015-02-06 07:49]

Three days into the 2015 Spring Festival Transport Season, millions of college students and migrant laborers have hit the roads heading home.

Officials must abide by law

[2015-02-05 08:50]

The realization of rule of law in China will not be achieved with just words or a document. It requires practical and substantial actions.

Two sides to the tax amendment coin

[2015-02-05 07:49]

Official rhetoric about tax awareness has focused exclusively on the obligation of the taxpayer; but few words about taxpayers' rights and interests.

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