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US cybersnooping

[2014-05-27 07:25]

The line the US is attempting to draw is between spying to benefit particular companies, which it regards as illegitimate, and spying to benefit the economy, which it seems to regard as legitimate.

No leniency to terrorists

[2014-05-26 07:40]

The crackdown the government has launched on terrorism sends the message that the organizers behind the scenes should never entertain the hope that the government and people will give in to their demands.

Significance of gang's trial

[2014-05-26 07:40]

Mining tycoon Liu Han was sentenced to death by Xianning Intermediate People's Court in Central China's Hubei Province after he was convicted of murder and organizing and leading a criminal gang.

Hanoi's latest provocation

[2014-05-23 07:19]

A comprehensive review of our relations with Vietnam is imperative. And Hanoi must be told it cannot have it both ways.

Unite in anti-terror fight

[2014-05-23 07:19]

It is not difficult for the majority of Uygurs to recognize that their well-being rests with the unity of all ethnic groups and with the prosperity of the motherland.

Fresh impetus to ties with Russia

[2014-05-22 08:27]

Facilitating the China-Russia partnership of co-op is a requirement for promoting int'l fairness and justice, maintaining world peace, and realizing prosperity in both countries.

Low-gear trade growth

[2014-05-22 08:27]

The official recognition that China may miss its target for trade growth is crucial to a correct understanding of the new role that foreign trade will play in China's economic transformation.

Cyberthief crying wolf

[2014-05-21 07:09]

The statistical information about US cyber intrusions the Chinese authorities produced makes it difficult for Washington to proclaim its own innocence.

Violence damages Vietnam's image

[2014-05-21 07:09]

For Vietnam, the failure to prevent the violence has tarnished its image as a favorable destination for international investment and tourism, which could have severe consequences for its economy.

Joining Africa against terrorism

[2014-05-20 07:47]

China stands ready to jointly face terrorism with Africa by ramping up its efforts to help African countries build their capabilities in the fight against terror.

Security harmonization

[2014-05-20 07:47]

Two days are too short for consensuses to be reached on the multitude of security concerns facing the countries of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia.

Abe's dangerous move

[2014-05-19 07:56]

The most serious problem with the report adopted by Abe is that, it would open the way for the top law to be altered on the whim of government.

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