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Fighting online soccer gambling

[2014-07-03 07:52]

In response to illegal soccer gambling during the World Cup period, the Ministry of Public Security recently issued an urgent notice demanding a severe crackdown on online gambling.

Tax deal needs framework

[2014-07-03 07:52]

The Chinese and US authorities are getting closer to signing an agreement on the FATCA that will facilitate the fight against corruption in this country is welcome news.

Great experiment, great success

[2014-07-02 07:54]

Much to the disappointment of the doomsayers, Hong Kong has survived the gloomy predictions of post-handover failure.

Japan opens Pandora's box

[2014-07-02 08:01]

By lifting the "ban on collective self-defense" and nullifying the long-standing "exclusively defense-oriented policy", Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Cabinet has effectively gutted the war-renouncing Article 9 of Japan's postwar Constitution.

Housing stimulus unsustainable

[2014-07-01 07:40]

Hohhot, the capital of the Inner Mongolian autonomous region, has broken the silence to become the first provincial capital city to suspend the ban on second-home purchases by local residents.

No kid gloves for corruption

[2014-07-01 07:40]

The expulsion of Xu Caihou from the party, which was announced on Monday, has once again vindicated the majority of people's belief that the anti-graft fight led by the new leadership will not treat corrupt elements with kid gloves no matter how high a position they hold or once held.

China's peaceful diplomacy

[2014-06-30 07:30]

To take it for granted that a country as powerful as China poses a threat to world peace is like saying a strong person will always attack others.

'Occupy Central' unacceptable

[2014-06-30 07:26]

The central government has been sincere in advancing democracy in Hong Kong. The way forward is well outlined by the Basic Lawand decisions of the National People's Congress Standing Committee. Any other propositions are not constitutionally viable.

Charity is not just publicity

[2014-06-27 07:21]

Chinese tycoon and philanthropist Chen Guangbiao has proclaimed, with a typical maverick gesture, that Chinese millionaires are also big spenders when it comes to helping those in need. In full-page advertisements in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, Chen invited 1,000 "underprivileged" New York citizens to have a free lunch with him at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park on Wednesday and promised to give each of them $300 cash.

Breaking shameful cycle

[2014-06-27 07:21]

We are ashamed to see that 26 of the 38 central government departments were found to have cheated regarding their expenses on motor vehicles, overseas trips, and receptions and entertainment.

Cage power to reduce abuse

[2014-06-26 07:50]

Besides efforts to uncover corrupt officials, in order to build such a cage, efforts are needed in the supervision over approval and the procedure for promotion.

One small cross-Straits step

[2014-06-26 07:50]

Against the noises and tricks trumpeting sentiment against the mainland and cross-Straits cooperation on the island, may Zhang's visit clear confusions and boost mutual trust between the two sides.

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