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Sinkhole reveals deep disregard for the law

[2015-01-29 07:34]

We are curious what has motivated him to openly ignore an explicit local legislation. We are ashamed to be talking about a lawmaker's disregard of the law.

Only transparent lottery operations can end graft

[2015-01-28 07:35]

The process of lottery operation should be more transparent so that buyers can know how the industry operates and how the operation fees are spent.

End graft to justify pay rises

[2015-01-27 08:00]

Civil servants' hard work in promoting good governance in China should be fairly rewarded according to rules and laws.

Editorial: Sportsmanship lives on clean sports field

[2015-01-27 07:33]

Sports authorities should prohibit the manipulation of competitions and inflict severe penalties on those who trade gold medals for money.

Anti-graft fight to be professional

[2015-01-26 08:42]

The fight against corruption in China is not a blitzkrieg, but a protracted war that entails special and powerful anti-graft agencies armed with laws.

Editorial: GDP gives way to growth quality

[2015-01-26 07:44]

Instead of specifying GDP target, Shanghai will focus on growth, optimizing economic structure and improving quality of progress.

Environment a valuable asset

[2015-01-23 08:05]

The better-off coastal regions also need to provide more assistance to help the poorer inland central and western regions to realize environmentally friendly growth.

Move for better law enforcement

[2015-01-23 07:41]

The mal-designed assessment requirements, the misleading quotas that have been adopted in particular, are an obvious source of injustice and corruption.

No distorting of history

[2015-01-22 07:41]

Chinese authorities shut down 133 WeChat accounts recently for distorting the history of the Party and the State in the information they provided for their subscribers.

Not enough accountability for stampede in Shanghai

[2015-01-22 07:31]

Shanghai government should investigate into how these officials performed their duties and whether their dereliction of duties caused other problems.

Make officials' pay transparent

[2015-01-21 07:41]

China is reforming the pension and wage system of civil servants and employees of government-funded public institutions, which covers about 50 million people.

Losing speed, gaining strength

[2015-01-21 07:24]

The slowdown in 2014 should be seen as the beginning of a transition that will continue for a few years sharpening competitiveness.

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