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New chairman must continue along refrom path for market

[2016-02-22 07:05]

Perhaps the stock market index will rise today following the news over the weekend that the head of China Securities Regulatory Commission has been replaced.

Quality wins consumers

[2016-02-19 07:26]

With China opening wider to the outside world, Chinese people are increasingly choosing to cast a vote with their feet against any low quality and bad services.

Protecting the wrong leads to more misdeeds

[2016-02-19 07:18]

The protection of local interest is understandable, but if the protection is used to protect such misdeeds it will only hurt local interests instead.

Financial shot in the arm

[2016-02-18 07:17]

The stronger-than-expected growth in loans in China has considerably boosted confidence in the growth prospects.

ASEAN right not to hang on US' coattails

[2016-02-18 07:08]

Considering its unrivalled influence in the region's security affairs, the US can be a big contributor to achieving peaceful resolutions to the disputes

Sign of economy's resilience

[2016-02-17 07:24]

It serves as a counter argument to the allegation that China is the main culprit for almost all global economic woes.

The price of fish and how it was sold matter

[2016-02-17 07:16]

It is not just the interests of that particular consumer that need to be protected.

Balanced way to reduce poverty

[2016-02-16 07:29]

Underdeveloped, lacking a civilized style of life and still poverty-stricken were the impressions of remote rural areas posted online during the Spring Festival.

A more rational mode of overseas investment

[2016-02-16 07:20]

Chinese companies' activity in overseas mergers and acquisitions will break a historic record this year.

Riot in HK unjustifiable

[2016-02-15 07:24]

The riot has dealt a blow to the city's law and order and presented a grave challenge.

Sanctions, not THAAD, are cure for peninsula crisis

[2016-02-15 07:16]

Nuclearization of the peninsula has crossed a dangerous threshold.

Economic transition needs breathing space

[2016-02-05 08:05]

China's top economic planner said on Wednesday that the country's 2015 economic growth rate was within a reasonable range.

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