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Cooperating on common dream

[2014-06-11 08:09]

China and India can put aside their differences on such thorny issues as their border dispute to make sure they will not hinder the partnership and friendship between the two countries.

Two scoundrels acting tough

[2014-06-11 08:09]

A football game between the two armies on an island controlled by Vietnam in the South China Sea on Sunday is the latest shameless farce the two countries have staged.

Exchanges between peoples

[2014-06-10 08:10]

Only by expanding the channels for people-to-people exchanges and visits between them will more people on both sides become aware that the bilateral friendship is in the interests of both countries.

New media and copyright

[2014-06-10 08:10]

It is meanwhile of far-reaching significance for them to maintain their advantage in news production while seeking cooperation with other emerging competitors.

Defend fairness of exams

[2014-06-09 08:10]

That many Chinese graduates have developed well in the Western countries points to the fact that this exam model is not that bad and does help foster a lot of candidates with excellent talents.

Pentagon report biased

[2014-06-09 08:10]

It is high time the US took an objective view of China's military spending, recognized China's peaceful defense policy, and made joint efforts to safeguard world peace.

Relaxing green card rules

[2014-06-06 07:52]

A relaxed application and approval threshold and the formulation of more supporting regulations will contribute to the development of an immigration system that is in the best interests of China.

Broader vision of Arab ties

[2014-06-06 07:25]

China is on good terms with Arab countries not only because they have a common desire to work together but also because both sides cherish mutual respect.

Grim environment challenge

[2014-06-05 07:34]

The task of balancing decent growth while still addressing environmental concerns is challenging, but the latter cannot be ignored as it would come at too big a cost.

Risks for good Samaritans

[2014-06-05 07:34]

It is necessary for society to improve its social security system and introduce rewards, so the good Samaritans will not fall into trouble after helping others.

Worrying words from proactive Abe

[2014-06-04 07:56]

Abe is attempting not only to change Japan's Constitution, but also to challenge the verdict on the war and history.

Orderly change of gear

[2014-06-04 07:56]

In spite of mounting pressure on deomestic house prices, Chinese policymakers have so far resisted the temptation to introduce a massive stimulus to bolster the cooling real estate sector;

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