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Inclusive roadmap to future

[2014-11-12 08:49]

Before the start of the weeklong 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings in Beijing, the average man on the street was probably more curious about what might happen on the sidelines.

Japan still has work to do

[2014-11-11 08:41]

Both Xi and Abe promised to implement the four-point consensus Beijing and Tokyo reached "in principle" on improving ties.

Common dream of prosperity

[2014-11-10 08:18]

Look at how much China has done for APEC, which it sincerely hopes will create more conditions for closer and smoother regional economic cooperation.

Invigorating power cuts

[2014-11-07 07:53]

The latest proposals from the State Council sound forceful and unconditional. But such forcefulness can become vulnerable when "local conditions" weigh in.

Uphill battle must not be lost

[2014-11-06 07:27]

It is only with the real rule of law that all the institutional loopholes can be possibly plugged.

Clear sky should be forever

[2014-11-05 07:38]

They need to give people the belief that the air quality will improve substantially and permanently in the near future.

Case in point for rule of law

[2014-11-04 07:30]

The untimely end of a youthful life was the outcome of a "severe crackdown", which produced some similar tragedies.

Helping a war-torn neighbor

[2014-11-03 07:20]

Helping Afghanistan is helping ourselves, because anything conducive to brokering peace in Afghanistan will eventually benefit us as well.

Consumption tops agenda

[2014-10-31 07:29]

China has to maintain a healthy level of growth as the global economy wanders into the post-QE territory, which is full of uncertainties because the impact of QE is not yet clear.

Fine law for good governance

[2014-10-30 07:21]

The credibility crisis of the country's judicial officials and institutions is the outcome of the accumulation of their misdeeds.

Cleansing luxury havens

[2014-10-29 07:20]

Starting Saturday,private clubs in such public venues as parks and historical buildings will be the new forbidden zones for Chinese officials.

Balance leniency with justice

[2014-10-28 07:19]

The proposed amendments to the criminal law, the 9th set to be submitted for legislative review, will indeed help better protect citizens' rights.

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