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Building on the right packaging

[2008-08-16 08:01]

Look around Beijing and it will be obvious why the Olympics is not just the greatest sporting event, but also one that offers the best packaging. Think of the red-stamped Beijing Games logo and its five lucky Fuwa mascots, now inextricably linked with the five Olympic Rings.

Choosing to take the green route

[2008-07-02 07:40]

I came this close to owning one of the most coveted sports cars back in Singapore. Think "P", as in German powered. But I had to give up that motorist's dream when I decided to come and work in Beijing.

Not just a spice, but the very spirit of Sichuan

[2008-06-11 15:47]

I never know what to order at Chinese restaurants in Beijing. So the first question from friends I dine with is almost always: "Do you take spicy stuff?"

A Singaporean's 'journey to the north'

[2008-04-22 10:52]

"You're here to climb the mountain?" the owner of the roadside hun tun (dumpling soup) stall asks me in the city of Tai'an, Shandong province.

Table tennis ruling seen as restrictive

[2008-03-20 07:19]

When Chinese-born table tennis player Li Jiawei lost the match for a bronze medal at the Athens Olympics four years ago, many in her adopted home of Singapore wept with her.

Time to take stake in water

[2008-03-11 07:18]

From the highest levels of government to the homes of residents, the future of China's water needs is at a turning point.

The single question on everyone's lips

[2008-01-22 21:47]

My single status has become a tasty topic for lunchtime buddies. "So what's your type?" they ask.

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