Opinion / Alexis Hooi

Trimming the fat amid lean times

[2009-03-13 07:46]

Three dishes, a soup and no booze - it is an incredibly sparse menu for official banquets thrown by a great culinary civilization.

Trashing the path less trodden

[2009-03-17 07:45]

One of the best things about spring in Beijing is the number of hiking options just a short car ride away.

Working the New Green Deal

[2009-03-05 07:47]

Long before the country's top two political sessions got under way this week, everyone knew jobs would top their respective agendas.

The other side of the water divide

[2009-02-12 07:43]

From rain-making rockets fired high into the sky to drought-resistant seeds of wheat planted deep in parched cropland, some reprieve is already being offered to farmers in rural regions reeling from one of the worst dry spells in five decades.

Sharing an Olympic legacy

[2009-02-06 07:47]

With its bubble-clad exterior that pulsates in a myriad of colors at night, the Water Cube in the heart of Beijing's Olympic Green has been one of the most fascinating facets of the 2008 Summer Games for me.

An offer of coal comfort in the depth of winter

[2009-01-22 11:29]

I have a dirty secret that will make the greenies turn red with anger - a liking for coal.

How 30 years changed my view of the world

[2008-12-17 07:56]

As someone born in Singapore in the 1970s, I am hardly the person to write at length about the impact of China's reform and opening-up in the past 30 years.

Wishing upon a Beijing Christmas

[2008-12-10 07:43]

I won't be home for Christmas.

Bracing for the season's blood, sweat and tears

[2008-12-03 08:03]

When I arrived in Beijing last winter, my nose bled and throat hurt every day for two weeks.

Singapore welcomes Gong Li

[2008-11-13 09:42]

On behalf of fellow Singapore citizens at home and abroad, welcome to your new life as one of us!

Going green in tough times

[2008-10-22 07:48]

As belts tighten in these trying economic times, there are growing worries that environmental issues will end up taking a back seat.

Beyond taxi touts, are a warm people with a kind heart

[2008-09-17 14:17]

"Don't carry too much cash with you and make sure you don't get cheated," a colleague reminded me when I told him I was going to Songshan Mountain in Henan.

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