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How to promote public diplomacy and cross-cultural interaction between China and EU

By Guo Shuting | | Updated: 2017-06-02 17:42

As international actors of major influence around the world, the EU and China face common challenges and share major responsibilities in many areas.As we all know,EU support and participate in the Belt and  Road Initiative.

It is very essential that we rise above two matters. Firstly, we need to rise above the differences in our social systems .Secondly, we require to rise above Cold War and zero-sum mentality. EU and China have a growing set of common interests. The areas there we need to work together far outweigh our differences .In many aspects, our interests are closely interwined. Accordingly, we should pool our efforts to expand our shared interests , instead of building success at the expense of the other .

So , how to promote cooperation in China and EU? My ideas can be concluded to the following matters.

In the first place, It is necessary for China and EU to stimulate interconnection in cultural relics. For example, we should strengthen interaction about protection of cultural heritages. In addition, the museums of the two nations can promote communication , such as holding exhibitions. And the China’s National Museum can be closely allied with Louvre Museum . What is more, it is essential to cooperate in cultural creative industry , which can make contribution to advancing soft power of China and EU. For instance, we can produce outstanding movies , documentaries and TV dramas together.

Secondly, we should work together in global security governance , including carrying out anti-terrorists and peace- keeping activities ,and prevent nuclear proliferation. For instance, in the North Korea nuclear issue, we can become alliance and negotiate to deal with this issue.

Thirdly,we should work together in global economic and environmental governance.

Then, we can reinforce interaction in citizens. For instance, reducing procedures of going abroad. Additionally, we can let Beijing and Berlin become “sister city”.

Lastly, we can hold more meaningful activities in public diplomacy. For example, we can hold Model G20 Conference, making more youngsters focus on and participate in international affairs .Then, we can invite some famous actors to carry out “actor diplomacy”. For instance, China can invite Huge(胡歌),who is going to study abroad,so that implement fascinating activities in his free time to close public interaction.

What’s more, my ideas about promoting cross-cultural interaction can be revealed to the following matters.

First, we can utilize new media to strengthen interaction.For instance,on the we chat,we are able to establish some official accounts about Sino-EU relation or cultural output. In addition,we can develop app about Sino-EU public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy.

Second, relative administrations need to provide some supports to hold colorful movie festivals between China and EU, which is rewarding to promote art communication. What’s more, we can build cooperation system in the field of protecting IP and producing movie, TV drama.

Third, China and EU can establish relative incentive systems to encourage public to promote interaction on culture, economy, tourism and so on.

For instance, we can provide a certificate called “Cultural Exchange Ambassador of EU and China ” to the people who make contribution to consolidating cultural relation between the two countries. Then, the tourist administration can develop a project called “European tourist expert” or “Chinese tourist expert” on the Internet. When citizen go through the course, the administration can provide certificates and beautifully-decorated gifts.

Fourth, our consulate-general can hold online knowledge competition about Sino-European relationship or common sense, and solicit articles competition. Then, relative administration provide rewards to the winners.

Fifth, We can strengthen cooperation in the field of think-tank. For example, we can hold several far-reaching academic conferences about cross-cultural exchange.

Sixth, we need to hold art performance each other. For example, China’s dance drama “Confucius ” can go to Europe to let Americans appreciate the attraction of Chinese culture. American relative administration can introduce wonderful China’s TV drama, such as “Nirvana in Fire”.

Seventh, as for traditional media, China needs to draw on lessons from BBC, CNN, New York Times and so on. The Chinese media such as CCTV, China Daily, Global Times should try to advance their competition ability so as to deliver China’s voice on the international arena.

Eighth, the diplomats can dress the clothes with national features in some special situation. For instance, for China’s diplomats, he or she can wear “Han fu”(汉服),the Chinese traditional clothes, attend “ International Cultural Festival” or submit credentials, or make a speech. So, such diplomatic behavior can be called “Hanfu diplomacy” with Chinese style. Then, European diplomats can create their own diplomatic style.

Ninth, it is imperative for China to reform the Confucius Institute. In the first place, we can draw on successful experiences of other countries in spreading national culture.

Secondly, we are supposed to enrich teaching methods. For example, the Chinese teachers can combine Hanfu(汉服), cosplay, and teaching. When the teacher introduce Li Bai’s poetry, she can were Hanfu and cosplay Li Bai, which makes foreign students understand artistic conception of ancient poetry. Additionally, the Chinese teachers can use multimedia teaching, that is to say, play relative artistic works .For example, when the teacher introduce the Silk Road and The Belt,The Road initiative ,she can play the documentary called “He xi Corridor”(河西走廊).

In my opinion, major powers need to work together to move the process of globalization forward in the right direction and improve the existing governance system so as to make it better adapt to the fast-changing international situation. Any action to gain geopolitical advantage at the expense of another major power will bring risks to global security and damage prospects for world economic growth.

I am looking forward to above ideas can foster strategist mutual trust , which is beneficial to developing a new model of major-country relationship between China and EU as well as building community of shared future. In addition, I hope China and EU do not forget the beginning of the heart to continue to move forward.

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