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Shanxi in the eyes of global friends

By Ramu Maheswaran ( Updated: 2016-10-14 08:56

Sharing those nostalgic moments of Shanxi is itself making me feel more and more happy. Luyashan Mountain area in Ningwu county is an eye-catching landscape that has all the elements to fill your eyes and heart with pleasure. The hotel we stayed in Luya mountain is also worth mentioning. Called "Luya Mountain International Hotel", it is surrounded by beautiful mountains, pure air, and peaceful location.

Ningwu ice cave is the most amazing asset of Shanxi. This is the largest ice cave in China that stays frozen even when the temperature outside rise to double-digit in summer. We stepped into the cave on hot summer when the temperature was around 20 degrees outside but the cave inside was coated with full of frozen ice. Colorful lights inside the cave enhance the beauty of the cave. This place is really incredible which proves that nature has many unimaginable faces.

Hanging village is another notable place of Luya Mountain. A village is built over rocks and that too on the cliffs. Humble villagers, simple living, and pleasant atmosphere. I hope these words are enough to describe the village. People living in the village are enjoying a lifestyle that is far from the outside world. They feel shy to pose in front of camera. Better not to disturb their feeling and culture. Kudos to these villagers.

Malun grassland – This grassland welcomes everyone with sound breeze and cherishing sky. Clouds around there will do magics to fool you. Mist may cover your eyes, rain may wet you out fully, and all of sudden sun may come out to say hi. It all happens and goes back normal all of a sudden. Don't miss out the fun there.

Origin of Fen river – Natural Spring that act as a main source of Fen river is celebrated as auspicious place in Nigwu. A temple to adore nature is really a remarkable one to pay our respect. A Buddha temple is associated with the spring which makes this place historical. People around here consider this spring water as holy. They believe that the water gives good fortune to the new born baby when the water is used to bathing. Clean natural spring water with full of minerals of course will give fortunes to all.

The Laoniuwan (Old Cow Bend) is a site that will leave you breathless. The beauty of this Old Cow Bay village will blow your mind. This is the spot where Great Wall kisses the yellow river. The remaining of Great Wall can still be seen here. Tourist can have an adventurous walking trip along the Great wall from this spot to Beijing. The Yellow river not only make bends into the valley but for sure it will bend our minds too. This is one of the most beautiful valleys of China which also has high historical value.

The author is guest Service Executive of Wuxi Nikko Hotel

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