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A season of goodwill

By TedM ( Updated: 2015-12-22 15:29

However, in China I repeat an earlier blog... a joy to shop, everyone helpful and friendly, children excitedly singing Christmas songs even though they have no idea why. Decorations and music everywhere. And I always organize a party with my homemade cake and English food (which my Chinese friends all ask for). 

A mother of one of my students smiled at me yesterday and said, "Merry Christmas" as best she could manage with her limited knowledge of English. "How nice," I thought. 

Strange then that this afternoon I was walking towards the school down the narrow school lane. Cars parked on both sides with little room between them. Loud beeping as usual from cars selfishly pushing themselves forward with no regard for others.

I turned back to view the usual chaos and saw that an extremely expensive car was demanding that everything and everyone should get out of its way. It was speeding down the lane as fast as other cars and pedestrians would allow, regardless of children walking to school.

I laughed at the situation as I usually do, but was stopped suddenly by this same car constantly beeping at me to get out of the way. As this was impossible I turned to face the car and stared at the lady driver.

Yes, it was that same mother mentioned earlier. Once in her lovely car, she felt she had the right to drive as she pleased. No courtesy, no common sense, no thought for others, no consideration for the safety of others.

Once again I stood looking at her and shaking my head sadly. Unusually she continued to press her car horn so I stayed where I was. I used the time to contemplate how a lovely, considerate and friendly woman could turn into a monster when driving her car.

So much for Christmas goodwill. Inquisitive Chinese people started to look at the situation as other cars behind her began to honk at her too. Finally she smiled, as if to save face and waited for me to turn around and walk to one side. She even waved to me as she went past!  

Well, Merry Christmas. 

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