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Checks on arrogance of power

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-06-15 07:53

A deputy secretary-general of a Communist Party of China provincial committee recently paid a visit to a local bureau of letters and calls to coordinate the handling of a case and was shocked by the arrogance displayed by the head of bureau toward his subordinates and the people who visited the bureau to seek redress for wrongs.

The bureau head's haughty attitude in his daily work is a reflection of his disregard for the continuing campaign launched by the central leadership to improve the working style of Party and government employees and rein in power, the visiting official said. An individual case, it demonstrates the difficulty in eradicating long-accumulated bureaucracy.

To check the arrogance of power, the authorities should aim not just to make officials abandon the highhanded manner in which they treat others, but also to make them know where the power in their hands comes from and how they can use it to better serve the people.

In essence, any government office has power at its disposal and its governance capability and working attitude will decide whether it can effectively perform its duties.

Efforts are needed to put power inside a "cage of systems". The concentration of excessive power in individuals or certain departments makes it difficult to prevent them from being intoxicated with the unrestrained use of power. To eradicate such a chronic malpractice, the country should continue its ongoing campaign to simplify administrative procedure and dismantle power in administrative organs.

The eradication of the arrogance of power is of particular significance to building a healthier political ecosystem and promoting social harmony.

The above is an abridgement of a People's Daily article published on Friday.

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