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"I advocated for better anti-domestic violence legislation."

By Kim Lee Updated: 2015-01-22 16:29

Kim Lee is a writer and teacher specializing in family education. She lives in Beijing with her three daughters.

What I gained this passing year was a better sense of satisfaction with my life. I think all women struggle to define themselves and strike a good balance between their home and work responsibilities. This is even more of a challenge for single mothers. This past year, I pushed myself to move forward in my advocacy work and professional life and stopped worrying so much about trying to be a perfect mother (and at times, father) to my children. No one can ever be a perfect anything, so letting go of that ideal freed me to accomplish a lot more in my work.

On regret, I think it is a waste of time, and life is short, so I don't indulge in it. Regrets are like termites, if you let them infest your life, they can gnaw away the foundation of your happiness. No one can go back in time and change things. Anything I was dissatisfied with in the past can serve as a road map of what I should avoid in the future. Some unhappiness is an inevitable part of life, but getting lost in regret doesn't have to be.

I devoted a lot of effort this past year into advocacy work for domestic violence victims and better anti-domestic violence legislation. I put my teaching and writing on hold to concentrate on this important work. I was very happy to see the draft law released to the public last month. Of course I hope this law will be put into effect in 2015. I will continue with this meaningful work, but I hope that I will be able to spend more time on my other passions as well!

I have the unique privilege of living with three young ladies who astound me with their intelligence and deep appreciation for China and the United States. I would like to expand their horizons by traveling to a new country to experience even more of the world! Oh, I guess I need to wish for a few extra days in each year to fit everything in!


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