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Corrupt official causes 12 to stage roof protest

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-01-06 09:03

Twelve people stood on the top of a government building in Shuozhou, Shanxi province, on Monday, saying they would jump unless the authorities caught a local official who fled after illegally raising 180 million yuan ($29 million) from them. Police and officials finally managed to persuade them to come down. Comments:

What happened in Shuozhou is only one example of people using radical means to express their grievances. Just imagine how desperate these people must have been that they almost gave up their lives. It is necessary to introduce the rule of law, so that people's needs get the necessary attention without such radical means., Jan 54

Whatever injustice they suffered, the 12 people should not have resorted to such a radical measure. By negotiating with them, the local authorities might have encouraged others to follow their example, thus harming the rule of law., Jan 5

Some say the 12 people invested in illegal fund-raising so they deserve the loss. But the problem is, the suspect who took their money is an official, who gained their trust through his position. The government is responsible for offering help and hunting down the suspect.

Beijing News, Jan 5

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