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Be more tolerant of the weird stuff

By ysyaileen ( Updated: 2014-11-27 08:41

I am sure you have heard on the news about a person standing on the top of a high building or to put it be more exactly, somewhere dangerous, and threatening others by saying he or she wants to commit suicide. In fact, death is not their final aim. They just want their voice be heard. They need help but nevertheless feel so helpless that they would like to go to the extreme. But this is definitely not the best solution. And it may cause others much more trouble, such as wasting the time of the police and people who are going to work but are trapped in the traffic jams caused by this scene, to name a few.  

As for me, I do not show sympathy to these people. They are not rational and too weak in their minds when facing difficulties. Just think it over, what will happen when a girl is standing on the top of her building and is threatening to jump if her boyfriend does not come to her? Maybe, her boyfriend does come later but will they really make up and restore good relations? In the man’s mind, won’t he think that his girlfriend is so dangerous that maybe she will do the same thing the next time they have a flight? Love will never be easy and light hearted for him to bear, maybe. The result will be much better if she considers things in a more rational way. If love does not belong to you any more, just let go. And time will heal all the pain anyway.

It seems that people in today’s society love putting on all kinds of performances. The other day a piece of news said that a young woman had a big ceremony with her boyfriend, who actually wanted to break up with her as soon as the ceremony was over. That is to say, their relationship was going to end. But to my surprise, the ceremony is quite like that in the movie, If You are the One. The ceremony included cutting a cake, drinking wine and more puzzling is that they dressed like a bride and bridegroom. I am sure the activity must have cost much money; I think the money could have spent in another practical and reasonable way. Well, it is none of my business and above all, the money is not mine and while I think it is worthless, it’s maybe priceless to them. But I can’t help showing a little contempt for their behaviors. And I consider this as a vulgar, stagey, personal performance.

If you really want to end a relationship, why do you create pain by designing something so special that it may become a painful memory that haunts you after the one you love can never be yours? Does it really make sense to do so? Am I too old fashioned to understand this art of breaking-up?  Perhaps yes!  And what’s more, I also can not accept what a man did in another piece of news. It is said that the man have kneeled down for a month to seek forgiveness from his girl. I am not moved by this and on the contrary, I think the man was foolish and had no ambition at all. What’s wrong with these people?

For a couple of days I was confused by their behaviors. And after some short discussions with my husband, I finally drew the following conclusion.

Maybe I shall be much more tolerant to all kinds of weird phenomenon. After all, the world we are living in is diversified in all aspects and there are new things that pop up every second, most of which you can never tell why. So be broad minded enough to accept all the new changes and this is maybe a good way to feel the dynamic in our society.

At last, I want to share a piece of news today. There is a “human” feast served in a shopping mall in Changchun.  The cook serves food on the bodies of half-naked beauties. Maybe you have read about it. Strange as it is, I accept it in some degreed, perhaps it is a form of art as far as it has no bad influence on society. What do you think, pals?

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