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Top pay for a foreign teacher

By MichaelM ( Updated: 2014-11-20 11:13

I received an email from another foreign teacher today that was quite interesting. He said, "I heard that you are the top paid foreign teacher in Henan. Is that true? And, if so, how do you get so much money?" 

Well, I have no way of knowing if I'm the top paid foreign teacher or not. I know what a few other foreign teachers make and I get far more than double what they get. Compared to some of them, I get triple per hour than what they get. When they ask me 'how much' I make, I usually don't answer them. 

So, I told this guy that I didn't know if I was the top paid foreign teacher or not. He told me what he was making per month and how much that breaks down to per class. I only said, "I get substantially more than that."

I've had a lot of success in teaching English in China. I've also been very lucky in many ways. I've been on local television more than 40 times and on two different networks. I've been written about in the largest newspaper in the province. I regularly get at least two offers a week from several different schools wanting me to go teach there. I turn down more money than most foreign teachers ever dream of making while teaching in China. 

I've had several highly influential schools take me to nice dinners even after I told them that I wouldn't come to work with them. It is well known here that I've had one student that I tutored who is now at Harvard and another one at Princeton. I've also received the highest teacher award and recognition in this province and I'm the only foreigner to ever receive it.

What is the secret to my success? Well, first, I didn't come to China to play games. I don't go out to bars and get drunk five nights a week. I rarely even have an alcoholic beverage. I don't like to go to bed late and I don't like sleeping late in the morning. I rarely spend time with other foreigners and, if I do, it will likely only be for dinner. 

I am diligent and prudent in my work. I show up to my classes on time. I give my heart and soul to do my best to teach English. I am passionate about teaching and investing in the lives of young people in China. I know the value that I can bring to their lives and how I can impact them in a positive and powerful way. I love my students and they know it. I care about their futures. When I see something not being done for them that should be done, I immediately roll up my sleeves and dive in until it is done.  My students like me. Not because I'm easy on them, but because they know I care enough to demand their best. I don't tolerate slothfulness or sleeping in my classes. I chat with them on QQ and am available to them many hours a day.

Even though I know I'm not the average teacher, I feel that I should be. I think every teacher should do the same as me. I know they don't, but,nonetheless, they should. I wished they would for the sake of the students.

How do I get top pay? Well, like I said, I don't know that I do. But I do know that my work is recognized and for that, I am very grateful. I will continue to dedicate my heart, mind, soul and life to giving my students the best that they deserve to have in a teacher.

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